This is the transcript for Mark Passio's - Natural Law Seminar - New Haven, CT - Part 3 of 3

Okay so we ended before the dinner break I hope everyone enjoyed their dinner at Don of the concept that if there is no victim and no actual wrongdoing has taken place resulting in harm to someone else there is no crime and many people were in a being jailed for victimless crimes that they’ve actually never actually harmed another being yet their freedom has been taken away another aspect about this concept of the difference between right and wrong behavior is we have to understand that there is no such thing as the ability to delegate a wrong to someone else no one can say to someone you may harm him on it on Challenger on a cost and okay that you’re allowed to do that morally okay no more than anybody can say a group of people may commit a wrongdoing and they have the moral right to commit to commit that wrongdoing there’s no such thing is that they so this is what many people who believe in things like government believe in that we can delegate to a group of people who are colonists of the government something that is not a right and agree all come together and agree upon they now possess this right right can’t be granted by human beings to other human beings everybody is born with the same rights because rates don’t come from human beings writes like the laws of nature come from the creator of the universe they don’t come from human beings human beings that make up what right and wrong are right and wrong are inherent to creation and are up to us to discover and recognize what they are and then live in accordance with those principles so if a specific action is not a right for any individual that action cannot be quote delegated granted or licensed to anyone other individual or group and magically called the right does not become a right it’s wrong it’s the remains a wrong no matter how many people believe they can do it or delegated or otherwise similarly not a right can be turned into a wrong it’s a right you’re not harming somebody by doing it so we can’t magically say that’s a wrong and you’re not allowed to do that yet we have things that go right hand-in-hand with that and it’s called government an action that is a wrong would forever remain wrong under natural law so how do we know what rights are part of knowing writers understand that natural law the difference between right and wrong always holds true regardless of a population’s belief system like natural law being in effect the difference between right and wrong are not depend on anybody’s belief they are eternal truths that need to be understood so this means it does not matter how many people agree that a wrong can be turned into a right or the right can be turned into a wrong such things can never be done in reality we can believe we can do that and act like that but in reality it cannot actually be done right forever means right or wrong for a remains a wrong people can only believe that they can claim such reversals and that this will magically make it so unfortunately most human beings but erroneously believe that it is morally possible for them to create and delegate rights: quote which do not exist or to take away actual rights from people which do exist they believe we can do that so when in doubt as to whether an action is or is not in harmony with natural law the visualization exercise that I always ask people to do is to imagine a scenario of a planet a world where there is only two people were only two people exist on an entire planet okay if the behavior in that circumstance in that visualized instance is either a right or a wrong in that instance it remains a right or a wrong in any size population regardless of how many people may believe otherwise okay so for right right for one person to do it for another okay or if it’s a wrong the actions are wrong for one person to take toward another population is irrelevant people will say what you have there was a couple people that would be okay but in a world of 7 billion people we can’t let people do that this has nothing to do with what right and wrong is it you as if their changeable but some of us look at this scenario so there is our world there’s two people came to welcome businessmen and their you will want to look at and at an instance let’s look at taxation the concept of taxation is taxation of any kind are right or wrong is it morally acceptable and justifiable or is it something that is actually a wrong let’s look at what taxation really is and again were not euthanized were talk about it should read on so here’s what taxation is it so I believe it is I’m getting down to the heart of the matter in describing what it actually is taxation is the claim that a specific group of people who call themselves government had been given a quote right the been delegated a rights and we written down a law we see the this people calling themselves government and the IRS have the right to do this particular action this activity okay this behavior they’ve been given the right to confiscate unwillingly I might add an arbitrarily chosen percentage of the product of another individuals labor to start with this rate you ask anybody you voluntarily pay more taxes no real reason you say why not well because I can barely afford paid ones and paying now I don’t want volunteering more money toward that endeavor quite frankly I want my resources for myself to use as I see fit voluntarily but if the government then said what your taxes are going up by 5% how many people would pay the most people would because subconsciously or consciously they recognize this is there under coercion there actually under duress are being told that the goal give this at the command of the people who are confiscating it with some poor form of violence will be conducted upon the weather through the form of finding the missing to take more resources whether by saying for you in a cage and make you stay there for as long as we say you stay there for or by actually conducting actual physical harm upon so again it’s worth saying that this quote unquote right is given to individuals: self-government and then they have the right to confiscate this arbitrarily chosen percentage of the product of another individuals labor that’s what money is okay that that’s what you know whatever we make through what we we work that’s the product of our labor we work and we get compensated for that in exchange for labor that we have done that our property is indeed labor in return for that so this is done whether or not the other agrees to share that product voluntarily is not a voluntary process coercion is involved taxation is enforced by the threat of violence which is behavior that will result in bodily harm or imprisonment which is the taking way of physical freedom of movement if those from whom the product is being seized attempt to resist this confiscation this practice is always quote justified in the work justified actually breaks down etymologically it means the word justify means to create a rights that would justify actually means to us in Latin means right or law and then such a that charity means to create or to make some to justify means to create right to make a right up and conjure it into existence so it’s always justified and made into a right quote unquote by those who claim that such a practice is necessary and required to quote unquote uphold the common good this is the justification offered for the seizure of the product of people’s labor involuntarily now if we are honest with ourselves if we define the concept of slavery I think this is a good definition for slavery would be fair to say slavery is the voluntary confiscation of 100% of the product of the labor of another human being that the affair definition is saying you’re working I’m going to take whatever you generate as a result of that work that you’re doing it doesn’t belong to you the product of your labor is long you all that belongs to me that you work for me I take everything that you have been able to amass or create through the labor that you have done I think everybody here would agree that slavery is a good is a definition of slavery as you’re probably going to get I mean we can come up with some other definitions that involve coercion and physically shackling and keeping people but we really are honest with ourselves what was the purpose of slavery to begin with is the make others work for free and then take all of the product of the labor that’s what slavery was conducted for okay so if you’re defining slavery as the involuntary confiscation of 100% of the product of labor of another human being we should be able to clearly see that there is no magical percentage to which we could lower this number that would no longer make it slavery I asked people if if the person who sang on to confiscate hundred percent of your labor and keep it for myself with state well I am going to take 75% of take three quarters you can keep a quarter of what you created with that no longer constitute slavery care what you say I will use the 75% for okay if you’re telling somebody you have no choice 75% of your labor belongs to me with that no longer be slavery just because they allow the Mickey 25 okay let’s lower to 50 is still slavery and what what percentage could possibly be lowered to Fort not to be slavery anymore only zero there is no percentage that can be lowered to for not to constitute slavery and if were being honest with ourselves many people want to justify this in many ways by saying how it’s used for services services which someone doesn’t have a right to refuse it out I tell people hate if I said to you on the computer technician your computer okay I’m not your computer technician and I love to refute my services thing to think about that for a moment you may not reset refuse that I am now providing the service for your computer to keep it in good shape Kate first of all what I just taken from a gentleman right to choose free will right there that slavery owing that the keep going and say hey if you refuse or if you know if you you what you want or don’t want my computer services are not your technician and I need $200 every year, over a couple of times I don’t care what you’re happy with my service are not okay and if you don’t pay me uncommon and taken the computer now is that you really your property if if you’re living under that kind of the rest for my just a violent criminal was saying I was still yours stuff if you don’t give me what I say I’m holding you under extortion that duress is called duress it means I am threatening violence on to the person unless they conform to my will and that will help longer were held under duress all forms of tactic taxation and arrest is a master class telling people you have no right to refuse the arbitrarily set confiscation of your labor that I I is going to be necessary for what I say it’s necessary for so how could you possibly claim that your home belongs to you if you’re paying something called a property tax that somebody is saying for the services we provide in this community must pass this percentage if you don’t pay it your house is is going to be turned over to to the government and its that called that there’s a term for that okay when went up our society doesn’t actually have true private property ownership rights and a higher class of of you know Masters actually owns the land and owns the property and only allows that the the present class to live upon the property for as long as they pay tribute to the master class who can tell me what system of government that is that’s called you listen and that’s the that the United States government and just about every government on the air you live in feudalism there is no such thing as democracy are certainly not a constitutional republic that’s for sure okay the state of the de facto state of government which means indeed in action is feudalism and feudalism is just another euphemism it’s a euphemism for slavery okay because slaves are allowed on property slaves are allowed to keep the product of their labor that’s all it really is it where being honest with ourselves once again there is there is my catchphrase for the satisfaction hey we want you for my to justify call it something else right I said this to that New Age woman at the at the UFO conference and said again I prefer not to see it that way will you not being honest with yourself belying his call my to yourself that’s what cognitive dissonance is called lie to yourself okay so if were being honest with herself taxation is merely a euphemism for that violence and slavery the practices upon which it is actually based and since no individual anywhere on earth has the right to claim ownership of the product of another’s labor such behavior can never be quote delegated to a group of people and call a right therefore if I was logically that all forms of taxation to what they are excise tax property tax you know gift tax inheritance tax income to you what form it is tax on corporations even take all forms of taxation are always wrong according to natural law because they are all based in the destruction of free will there based on coercion and they are ultimately based upon violence all of which are wrongdoings all of which are forms of theft and all of which not one individual has the right to perform upon another and this is what people want to justify and believe can be magically turned into a right just because they want you from Isaac call taxation let’s look at another example prohibition one of my favorite is one of my pet peeves okay you know I’m big in the health in the eating right okay in my gums huge and juicing is one of my favorite things to do on purification of the body is part of purification of the mind I what I want to tell you I’m 100% for anybody being allowed to put any thing into their body because they are on their body if I want short break up this remote control and little pieces and needed with a sprinkling of pepper then that’s my right to do so regardless of what ships me due to my intestinal tract okay there is a reason I have the right to eat this remote by want to want to know why my body is my property it belongs to me that within this in the natural law seminar we as people you your own body almost every single student in the seminar of course they immediately answer yes by the students grasp this okay the people they were asking the questions to okay because the students were doing the that the tabulation of accumulating the answers from people that they asked the questions to and then one of the questions I asked them as people is to you on your lot almost every student in my first natural law seminar when they asked people if they own their own body they came back to the next class almost every student said almost everybody they asked that question to paused for a long time and thought about it had to sit and think about this question could not immediately spin out absolutely my body is my property here because I think people want to overthink things as well I my body forever what I want Dave’s a minute on it now what’s the over intellectualization and and mystification of this concept I tell people I recognized volume by one day this flash is going to crumble and passing into the air okay does that mean I don’t know my body right now I’m using my body right not wired specifically specifically because my consciousness inhabits this body and I’m using it as a vehicle for the expression of my consciousness is the very reason I own my body okay and people split that out it’s it’s like unfathomable to me the ridiculousness of some of this that the human mind going to be worked into the situation that has been it is is almost incomprehensible so let’s go forward prohibition takes the clean that a group of people who call themselves government to be given the right to perk prevent others from putting a given substance into their own bodies and others refuse to comply with those terms that they will be fined or imprisoned and it should be self-evident that if an individual’s body is actually their own property and it is then that individual always maintains a natural right to decide what will or will not be put into their property which is their body white people you wanted your car or your home because you won’t your property okay but technically it should be coming you technically it isn’t really but felt my whole point is nobody else can tell no other individual today we can can put in your whole okay in a elk I tell you hey I want you putting the that jacket in your car you’re not allowed to put in there with whom I tell you a lot put that in there at your property okay so why would we accept that not accept that we would except I can’t put something in my body that I deemed I want in it okay because people can’t separate the act of imbibing the substance or it or putting the substance in the body okay from the action that people may subsequently take and their two different things so somebody might go out and want to get smashed tonight do a bunch of drinking but if you then go out on the street and start calling somebody with the nearest available blunt object you the right to do that you had a right to go drinking okay any more than you have a right to go start some cocaine or bang some heroin in your arm okay I’ll think those two things are particularly good ideas by support your right to do it but hey if you do those things you got hurt somebody else you got to be held accountable for the actions you just talk that’s what personal responsibility is all about and these two things need to be litigated from each other with the clearly be able to separate the act of the right to put something into my body and me still being person responsible for what I do with my body okay so understanding that this is a claim made tell people that they are to make the decision about what you put in your body can easily see this claim of this right to command will will will not be put in the body of another person would actually amounts to is a claim of ownership upon the body of another person if I’m telling you can’t drink orange juice I’m making a claim your body belongs to me because I’m going to decide what goes into it or what is not going to okay so I say carrots are off-limits for your consumption start and they may not be ingested I just made a claim that I own your body what’s the claim on the ownership of another person’s body called slavery if you’re not utilizing it and if where being honest with ourselves okay prohibition is merely the claim of ownership upon love another person’s body is called slavery therefore prohibition is merely a euphemism for slavery that is backed by violence regardless of the justifications made by those who claim such practices are quote necessary for the common good that’s always the just since no individual anymore where on earth has the right to claim the ownership of another person’s body such behavior can never be delegated to a group and magically termed a right there for all forms of prohibition are always wrong according to natural law doesn’t matter what the substances doesn’t matter what it is how destructive it may be the body your brain that but I want to go under my sink take some cleaning supplies make a nice cocktail some lie and some root poison and some rat poison… Been in a water solution in the global weblog that my right want to know why because I own my body I own my consciousness in my body. The end so I want to do that that’s my right to do so okay nobody has a right to tell me what I can cannot put in my body you we accept this because of these justifications else for the common good forget what rights are in a for the common good as we would need to accept slavery for the common good you it works out like that so, licenses and permits these are claims that a group of people who call themselves government again were going back and visualizing imagine one person trying to make this claim to another person nobody would find it legitimate normally would find one person may make that claim to another person that we think these other people called government have writes that individuals don’t have that’s what we think is called mind control mind control is getting people to accept some people have writes that other people don’t have that’s what it’s you to go back to that visualization exercise can one person make that claim over another and have it be legitimate course not so if nobody has the right how can the right be delegated somebody else can licenses and permits their claims that a group of people who call themselves government have been given the right quote unquote the right to prevent others from exercising specific behaviors even if such behaviors cause no harm to others or their property unless those others petition meaning bag a the government for permission that’s what permit is a means permission to be allowed to exercise those behaviors this amounts to the claim that the that rights are actually merely privileges that may be granted or revoked by government any time okay based upon the people and governments preference their discretion right remembering that the definition of a right is any action which does not cause harm to another living being with their property there is no such thing as the rights quote unquote to start another person from exercising the right if if if something in the right meaning it doesn’t cause harm there is no such thing as someone’s right to stop you from performing that action okay that would be called version which is a wrong okay so the actual end just ingestion of let’s say marijuana for example harms no one else you can put that in your body sit there perfectly peacefully and not cause harm to another living being that’s called right for the very specific definition that cause no harm okay I would not have the right to tell another individual you may not do that action that would be a wrongdoing was the same thing is for something when it comes to licenses and permits your telling people if you pay me $50 I’ll let you smoke that marijuana without doing violence to you unless I change my mind and that I will I will give you a permit I’ll just say hey you allowed to do that even something that is a right like assembling and speaking like what was done in the state of Pennsylvania a few years ago when the G 20 visited the city of Pittsburgh okay the city telling people we have revoked the right to assemble and speak and petition for grievances you’ll have the right to come and speak no protest will be tolerated or will hit you with sound and water cannons in out and people just lay down and accepted the whole city of Pittsburgh in because what all will go and asked them for a permit and they just seven though neither right anymore we find on the street to get blasted with a sound and deafened some people want the gas lost their hearing from what happened in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to see the stuff that was was happening in on I was in Egypt I were they were hitting people with water cannons recently and killing some of it was in the Middle East some turkey correct in a hitting people some people died in the eye with such pressure hits the green people from water cannons the court’s nonlethal weapons that are telling you may not speak you made a sample work to revoke that right really see there is no right to stop someone from exercising a pre-existing right that’s that you making the claim I own the rights to that’s really don’t think I God I get to grant what are writers or revoked the writers in any given time basically what is the them is the in amounts to someone claiming to be God the claim over the rights of another person is called slavery even more so it is the claim to be God the claim that the rights of another’s of another flow from you therefore licensing and permits are merely other euphemisms for slavery regardless of the justifications made by those who claim such practices are quote necessary for the common good since no individual anywhere on earth no single individual has the right to claim the ownership of another person’s rights such behavior can never be delegated to a group and magically called a right there for all forms of licensing and permits according to natural law are always wrongdoings because they are always basing coercion in the theft of someone else’s rights so again that’s the visualization exercise there’s three quick examples that the InVision there’s only two people would one person have a right to conduct that action against another if if the answer is no the right cannot be that there’s no such thing as calling the right and delegating it to other people and telling them now you’re allowed to perform that behavior it’s always a wrongdoing for people because of this idea this mind control called government want to believe that that right exist that we can delegate something that is a wrongdoing for us versus violence we need to understand these concepts are complete opposites of each other they are not the same the term should never be used interchangeably with with each other because not only are they not even remotely similar there direct diametrically opposed opposites let’s look at the difference there often spoken about as if they’re the same and are used interchangeably when in fact they are actually diametrically opposed to each other course the definition of force is the capacity to do work or caused physical change in the physical world K for any change to be created in the physical world in any capacity force must be used and applied there’s nothing you can do that doesn’t require course if you want to make a change happen in the physical okay so the set up this equipment force was required where the lift that you set it up and plug in the cables force is required to do all those things is the capacity to perform physical activity physical work okay action force is actually action with which is in harmony with morality and natural law because the taking of the usage of it doesn’t violate rights of other people so as soon as you’re stepping over the line into coercive usage of force that becomes violence the initiation of coursework worsened reasons for coercive applications becomes violence that’s what makes it violence force itself is not violence as such forces action which one always possesses the natural right to take and this includes the defense the physical defense of someone’s person there their body against the act of violence force may be applied in that situation when you are accosted with violence do reserve the right to use physical force defensively against such an assault violence on the other hand and this is the key to keep in mind with violence is the end moral initiation of physical power to coerce, how to restrain on rightfully the one has the right to ever enact violence because violence is always starting gets initiation that’s the key word there it’s the end moral on rightful initiation of in open teachers in schools will be up there is a skirmish that happens between a couple of male students one day the state doesn’t matter who started and that matters is who started it all that matters is who started it all that matters because the person who actually conducted violence is the person who struck first they initiated the immoral use of physical behavior of physical force to court physical power to coerce compel or restrain therefore when the person beats back that physical assault with force they have not committed an additional wrongdoing okay it’s difficult for many people understand were in right brain imbalance they don’t want to acknowledge that you maintain a natural right to use force when you are accosted with violent behavior is someone just came up to me on the street and started swinging okay because they want something I have just because they like the look of me for whatever reason they will have the right to do that if I replied by being back there attack with sufficient force to put that action down how many wrongdoings would’ve been committed one correct one not to want because I maintain the right to defend myself with physical power with physical force when necessary when lens meeting someone else started the immoral behavior that’s what matters the initiation who started it is all that matters all that matters again to very difficult thing for the ego to comprehend the ego is one here that it’s been conditioned so long that responding with force is also violence we we are verbally and mentally equating these two things and when they are in fact they are actual complete opposites have so many of them ever can got hit by somebody else in school and that other kid said maybe even said wants stop what you’re doing and then when the other Q1 stop he punched and knocked them out okay I would ask other people whose who pushed up first and he can lie on the floor struck first let’s say you got it deserved a set because that person a right to defend themselves you no right to strike you initiated the violence he responded with defensive force may people on here that because the very condition how much thing you have to do that you also reserve the right not to do that but the right does exist both things both rights exist you would have the right to not respond with physical force but you would have the right to respond with physical force to get a free will decision that the person has the right to choose between those actions I even look at either one of them is a hybrid in a personally I think of somebody key to meeting somebody keeps conducting violence to the and the other person keeps accepting it and never rebelled against it never uses any force to put it down I was look at that as the low road on our pacifist not a pacifist okay I am 100% about nonviolence meaning don’t initiate on other people don’t start. None will be non-in street lingo that’s as how it really is okay but if somebody else starts it there asking to be put down with the amount of physical force that is required to put down the act of aggression violence is coercive action see that’s the key it’s always coercion thing you do what I want to do with an unfinished right then on to commit the act of violence is coercive is action which is always in opposition to morality and natural law for the very reason that it involves the violation of others’ rights as white call violence it’s a violation the act of violation caused it resulted in bio lens your rights have been violated why it’s called violence to sing root word violence is action which one never possesses the right to take ever there is no such thing as the right to commit violence doesn’t exist because violence is the immoral initiation of physical power to compel coerce restraint which no one has a right to know you have the right no one does have the right to initiate that type of action force on the other hand there is a time and a place to exert that force in a defensive capacity isolate talk about that here this piece of trash comes up somebody on the streets is giving all everything is valuable shoes other leather take them off and wallowed out all jewelry in your purse in your wallet and is. Nobody would believe he has the authority of the right to do that we would have a moral obligation to obey this criminal in a of the criminal side: some government we might start believing right but let’s say let’s say I somebody on the street so was being done for Their own 9 mm the Skyway how many acts of violence were committed one one over but what I understand but again that somebody saying I prefer not to see it that way or again perception and reality do not really aligned in many cases are not the same that person is in incorrectly perceiving what is there not sing the truth many people don’t want to hear that that’s the truth of the very condition and they are very well behaved slaves now as harsh as that is to say that I want to understand the inherent right to use force against violence exists and is always irate always not telling you go out immediately do that either because the perception is all screwed up in the body of humanity that the majority of people don’t believe that would be a right and will persecute you for doing it easy the self defense principle is continuously being eroded human beings possess the natural right to defend themselves from violence with defensive physical force a person who is accosted by violence possesses the right to stop the person who is conducting the violence from continuing to do harm to them with any amount of force that is necessary to stop the attack or the assault okay up to and including deadly force I would say to if you want to be nice about it give the person one verbal warning to stop saying no one’s after that it’s on that set and that’s really my policy okay that would be my policy on the street with an individual the problem is here the so-called authorities of the government like you say you want to see it that way and they’re constantly trying to take this right away from somebody to concentrate say no way all the monopoly on the usage of force and all you may do is wait and be accosted and assaulted until one of us shows up when you know that’s called it’s called big crock of bull ship is what that’s called and should be accepted by anyone who has any common sense should be accepted by anyone unfortunately again like they said people are very very well conditioned and they think that they think that this is an example of two wrongs don’t make a right to know two wrongs committed to this one wrong committed and then there’s a right that is being exercised big difference between exercising the right that involves the defense and use of force and committing a wrongdoing which involves the initiation of violence and people gotta get clear on this have to get clear on so the question becomes does violence magically become a right when it’s conducted by government when they shut down people’s free-speech rights of assembly rights or when they conduct direct theft from people through what this euphemizes form of slavery called taxation like I said I’m not I’m asking you to accept or believe that taxation is slavery I’m telling you if you don’t understand that you’re wrong I’ll care what you think I’m telling you is that way in truth and in reality taxation slavery showing other people’s rights is slavery telling people they may or may not put in their body is slavery is not my perception that what it’s okay and that you were accepting as a people were accepting these people have no moral right to do it than any other individual would and this concept brings us to what my way I try to define and explain to people what real spiritual enlightenment is because what the New Age community is telling you that an enlightened being looks like is equally as a big crock of bull of what people don’t understand self-defense the self-defense principal believe okay enlightenment is not what this new age nonsense communities try to tell people that it is I is not about not taking action and sitting under a tree and meditating into your magically enlightened okay enlightenment means knowing what’s going on around you enlightenment means knowing what’s going on within you and lightning needs truly knowing that will check the difference between right and wrong and letting that in your life on a daily basis and lightning alone enlightenment means not a grassy upon your fellow human beings but not reading voluntarily to be a grasp upon by them either okay that there’s two pillars to dynamics the go hand-in-hand with real enlightenment I call this the two pillars of enlightenment and to hear they are the first pillar is the sacred feminine principle this is been called the nonaggression principle right it is the simple simple law of don’t engage in violence or is quite simply put steel don’t still talk about that that’s what all spiritual law can be boiled down to don’t steal from other people don’t take what is it yours don’t take lightly the resulting property that is a result it writes that arguers are the property of others respect their ownership okay most people can grasp this pretty readily okay and even in the New Age movement they grasp this info in other words don’t immorally initiate nine rightful use of physical power to coerce constrain or compel the rightful physical behavior or free will choice of another sentient being respect other people’s free will their rights their property there like. Real simple is the golden rule don’t do things other people you want on the you I always stayed in the Apple Vatican the negative much more powerful that way but there is a second principle a second pillar or tenets of enlightenment if you will this is the sacred masculine principle this is what real legends of the world whether they be governments organize religion of different regions of the world and cultures the New Age movement this is what they want they are seeking to suppress because religions are) modalities the right brain methods of mind control is like government thinks it’s a monopoly on the physical use of force data (imbalanced mindset I the second pillar of enlightenment is the sacred masculine principle which is also known as the self-defense principal your body is your property the right to defend it when it comes under attack by violence this principle states sentient beings have the inherent right to use force to defend themselves from violence conducted upon them by another this is the part many people don’t get yelled at and why were not rebelling against our slave keepers our slave masters were masters of other people in their own sect distorted psychopathic minds and are nothing but funds and criminals that people magically believe have the moral authority to continue to do it they’re doing just because they you for my slavery and call government now that’s the sacred masculine principle there is no such thing as an enlightened being that doesn’t fully grasp both of these principles anywhere never has been there’s no such thing is half measures gotta get them fully or you are not there and that’s the problem were not all the way there if people were already there they won’t be tolerating what were putting up with more and more aggression against peoples rights is being conducted in this country than when the founders of this nation actually separated from England they would have been horrified I tell people that did not get nasty what I tell people at the founders of this country could magically come back to life somehow she was going on in this country they take a pass on people that’s what they would do that so much disrespect they would have for what were putting up with in a again just to just say the way it really is that’s what they want to do to us because they would tell us warn you about all this warn you about it all and you know you did the Lord so what did all those people who died in that revolution die for we have to understand true ownership real deeply not peripherally super deeply we gotta know what we only what we don’t know we have to understand why is this our current condition is the question is beginning here’s the reason the reason our species to continues to experience a systematic and growing loss of freedom is because we collectively do not deeply understand ownership and we continue to commit and condone theft this is a prison for thieves versus the present for people that don’t want to respect ownership they want to take things that aren’t theirs and that’s were here to learn or learn that there’s only one natural law stop stealing from other people start taking things and don’t know stop condoning theft of things that other people don’t own don’t condone that activity that behavior either for what his ownership was the definition what is an entail to all the things means that regarding that thing an individual maintains three basic things regarding the first is rightful possession means you acquired it without doing harm to somebody else rightfully only more fully on okay. Possession of it have it in your possession is yours the second thing is you control what usage okay so your house you control what usage your car and controlled usage your quality control their usage my computer is mine I controlled usage I’m using it okay control of the usage of something means that you won’t and most of all maintaining personal responsibility for that possession is the third aspect of ownership said something means I’m in lawful rightful possession of it I control the usage of that thing and I maintain personal responsibility for it right and this is what we have to understand natural law can be essentially reduced to one single spiritual law I gave you the working definition of the soundbite definition before here’s the super simplified word can crescents of all of this information natural orbits boiled down to two words don’t steal that set want the key of the present you got understand property Llanos understand all rights or property rights stop taking the property of other beings stop condoning the taking of the property of other beings the end you know I can just say I just get a piercing don’t steal the end everybody go home should be that simple that’s the key folks that’s the key to the prison to work more really talking about here is common sense that’s what consciences he will think of conscience is common sense you know they don’t think of conscience as knowledge consciences knowledge not actions not behavior its knowledge again knowledge is the way out of this okay and this is the knowledge that has to be developed conscience comes from the Latin prefix calming together and the Latin verb steer a meeting to know what to understand put them together to note together to understand together conscience is common sense common sense knowing common sense knowledge literally from the etymological breakdown of the work can’t together science to know is why the problem is people have common sense at one sitting there almost laughing hysterically that I need I need to try to teach common sense to people the ridiculousness of it I will all need to be doing is doing that work in a I know you guys get a lot of this is our reach out other people, talk about that in a moment conscience the definition of it is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong according to natural law objective definitive is not up for debate exists inherently and objectively it can be understood know discovered this is different from action conscience is the knowledge then we act upon it okay so is different from understanding something and acting upon it right to have consciences that have common sense is to know the difference between right and wrong and understand the difference deeply then work and will convert that into action we exercise conscience the exercise of conscience is actually action the exercise of conscience is the free will choice of right action all the wrong action once the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between right and wrong according to natural law has been acquired and integrated into the being we acquire that knowledge first understand it then we act in either accordance with it or disharmony with if we act in accordance with its call the exercise of conscience that’s action the law of freedom this is one of the basic laws within the body of natural law is real simple law of freedom states that freedom and morality are directly proportional it’s a mathematical equation that works 100% of the time flawlessly as morality increases freedom increases as morality declines freedom declines this means the more moral a population is the freer it becomes the more immoral a population is the deeper into bondage and slavery goes another way of saying this is to say that the presence of truth and morality in the lives of the people of any given society is always inversely proportional to the presence of tyranny and slavery in that society the more truth and morality there is less tyranny and slavery there is the last truth and morality there is more to urinate and slavery there is that’s the law freedom and many people don’t understand that that these two things are inextricably interwoven and connected and can never be separated from each other the presence of truth and morality in a society and the presence of freedom or its lack in a society true freedom can never exist in a society that embraces moral relativism which is the idea that there is no inherent an objective difference between right and wrong so humanity may just arbitrarily create or decide right and wrong for themselves that’s the ideology called moral relativism as I said before it is the second tenet of the Satanic religion and it is deeply entrenched in this country and in and in the world in our polls that we conducted the site psychological little tabulations that we did asking several people questions two thirds of people or moral relativists 66% think about that two out of three people believe there’s no such thing as an objective difference between right and wrong and feel these are just constructs that exist in by human beings we get to make up what’s right what’s wrong two thirds of people that were at that’s were really a natural law versus man’s law or governance here’s the differences natural law is based upon the principles is based on principles and truth meaning things that are inherent to creation are not made by humankind natural law can only either be harmonized with due to knowledge and understanding were rejected due to ignorance so if is not something that is based on compliance because of fear of the punishment that would result in not understanding it eight if you don’t understand and live according to it the result is inescapable because men and women are not actually creating the result okay the universe is bring that result to us intelligently and dynamically I in other words once again this is about consequences you behave a certain way there certain consequences change the behavior will change the consequential results natural law is universal which means that it exists and applies anywhere in the universe regardless of physical location there is no place you can go in the physical universe to escape natural law let me know if you find a way out of this universe and into another were natural on the longer replies and not you know will take a look at together but until you figure out the way out of this universe and what place is not governed by law you’re bound by natural law okay natural law is eternal it will exist for as long as the universe exists and it is immutable exists and applies for as long as the universe exists and cannot be changed by anything humanity is capable of doing or any other species in the universe is capable of doing for that matter man’s law on the other hand look at how this contrasts with natural law is not based on principles and truth is based on dogmatic beliefs that are programs that are running in the human mind these are constructs of the mind that operate like programs natural man’s law is complied with due to the fear of the punishment that will be conducted upon people who attempt to not comply with most of the only reason people ever comply with the law and that’s a very low state of consciousness fear that really is only going to get you all the negative things we say we don’t want it for another vibration man’s law differs with location based upon the whim of legislators like prohibition while I’m allowed to smoke marijuana in one state and then I can be jailed for in another my freedom can be taken if I cross this imaginary line down on the gun owner okay if I take one if I take certain weapons that I am across an imaginary line I can be jailed for years over the side imaginary line is okay and you’re just exercising a right helper here is morally wrong book agent for over here to do that you can have a high-capacity magazine over here you go into a cage for it just by crossing and imagine an imaginary barrier, state board and people think that makes sense they think the moral relativism of man’s law makes sense they actually believe something can be more than one place and immoral in another place you know that cognitive dissonance that holding two contradictory notions in the mind simultaneously and accepting them both when their clear contradiction with each other, lying yourself with be honest about what really is called lying yourself man’s law changes with time based upon the whim of legislators which is also moral relativism prohibition in the 1940s of it was legal to possess and consume alcohol then for years it became illegal to do so then it switched back to becoming magically again okayed you for doing it or changes over time based on our preferences and likes and dislikes yet we get to make up law is what right and wrong it’s called moral relativism I and is one of the tenets of Satanism so what does this mean for the law of man actually the other people seem to have so much respect for you know a word nation of laws written by men you will will give a damn about moral law will really give a damn about what’s right and wrong in a we have so much respect for law man which we people actually believe is somehow based and morality when it nothing of the kind to be further from the could get any further from the truth and that is based in moral relativism which is about the whims of the legislator any given time or place… Certain forms of music and certain countries in the Middle East it could be jailed for years despite pointing a certain song on imagine this when we think that’s acceptable and deplorable you we think you have this 30 round magazine here the state only allows 10 cartridges to go into a magazine I bring the physical object even if it’s not loaded with any ammunition into another state I can put in a cage physical piece of plastic in a total nonsense either something is a right and you’re allowed to own it and you need to be responsible for words not right because hiring somebody it doesn’t get any simpler than that sources only for man’s law in light of natural law what does it mean to understand natural law what does that mean for the laws of man Your Honor what it actually means is simple if then logic to apply in a particular man-made law is in harmony with natural law then it follows logically that it is redundant it is stating the obvious understanding what is already known that St., right down yes during the day the sky refracts a infrequency out in the sky is blue, write that down and make it so all is redundant it’s self-evident you go out in the sky look at the natural color of the sky on a clear day and dancing with the frequency is with your own eyes only to have it written down okay to redundancy so if it’s in harmony already with natural law it stating the truth that is already they are is it an inherent truth it’s pre-existing it’s self-evident therefore the writing down of that concept and calling it a law is irrelevant and unnecessary nonetheless look at the opposite what if something that man writes down is a law is in direct opposition to natural law of a particular man-made law is in opposition to natural law it follows logically that it is both false mean that it is incorrect that’s what natural law is it’s based in truth that widgets and it’s also in moral because it is not least the natural law means that it is doing something that is actually harming somebody by taking something from them that doesn’t belong to you like taxation like permits and licensing like suspending rights to do already exist etc. so for right so therefore it’s wrong and it cannot be legitimately binding upon anyone write down a wrong and say this is morally binding upon you even though it creates harm it causes harm to get you must file you and people believe this we asked in the natural law seminar how many people believe that if a law is passed and it restricts a right that you feel you have naturally because that action that that it’s saying you may not do cause no one else any harm you have any moral obligation to obey that law until you can find a way to get changed and over two thirds of people said yes you have a moral obligation to obey that law is these people are have the moral right to issue commands and write down laws that constrain you even if that behavior actually doesn’t harm anybody and therefore is a natural right you would still have to try to find a way to get the law changed nonsense nonsense no one can be legitimately bound to a dictate of man that prevents somebody from exercising a natural right it’s called mind control is what it’s called so in light of the differences between man’s law and natural law in light of natural law man’s law is both irrelevant and unnecessary as it is either redundant because it is in harmony with natural law or is completely immoral because it is in direct opposition to natural law this is a system of slavery that is not needed there is equality under natural law perfect equality everyone has the exact same rights no one has any more illustrates than anyone else also since rights are not created by humanity and since they are the birthright of humanity gifted to us by the Creator of the universe no human being or group of human beings is actually capable in the reality of granting rights to anyone else nor is any human being capable of revoking right front from anyone else everybody has the same rights no one can make up a new right no one can grant and not a right to somebody that is actually wrong does not exist never has existed never will exist this is an illusory belief system I am not telling you people believe that can be done on telling when in reality in truth it can never be done Chris Leigh Spooner freeze did pretty well he said government is nothing but men acting in concert the morality and value of government like any other association of men will be no greater no less than the morality and value of the men comprising it since government is nothing but men its inherent quote authority to act is in no way greater or different than the quote authority to act of any individuals in isolation like that example to people on the planet government has no magic powers or quote authority that is not possessed by private individuals let he who asserts that government may do that which the individual may not do assume the onus of proof that means the burden of proof and demonstrate his contention and you know what there’s nobody on this planet that can do that is when it comes down to it if you’re telling the somebody else they may either commit a wrong again somebody else or prevent someone else from exercising a right that’s a lie and that does not exist not in reality it exists in a diseased mind is where it exists only in a sick mind is where that belief exists you have to be balanced in the mind in the psyche to believe that that’s true it submits a mental illness that’s what it really is with the word government you break it down people say his word every day almost and yet they never look at the etymological roots of the work it comes from the Latin verb were not irate once again no V in classical Latin novae okay so again these were rendered as either bees for keys in classical Latin language so that there you can write this and what would be more modern Latin as Hoover and irate with the V but in classical Latin or ancient Latin there is no V sort of been rendered with a B who were not right now what’s the election of a governor called it’s called a gubernatorial election gubernatorial who were not arias in their okay Huber Noreen needs to control the vertical NRA Latin means to control the land now men’s which is where the part of the second part of the workmen’s is derived from means mind okay so you put these together and the word government actually literally from its adult etymological roots means to control the mind or in other words mind control now to put something else up here for a moment the etymological origin of the English suffix meant an ENT is often debated in this etymological breakdown right and I’ve got stuff about this constantly and I told people not interesting here about hearing about it anymore I know where this comes from I know why the creators of the English language made itself made it like this okay it is overwhelmingly clear by people who studied linguistics and the origins of words okay in English from ancient languages that the creators of the English language deliberately chose the latter down man meaning mind to represent or mean in English the state or the condition of and this was done in direct keeping with the first principle of natural law as we’ve already discussed the principle of mentalism which demonstrates that in order for any particular thing event or circumstance any state or condition to exist in manifest in reality it as it currently does that which is known as the plane of the fact it must have first existed in the plane of causality or the mental realm the mind they we’ve already looked at that principle of natural law so anything that ends in men’s the original etymological derivation means that it was me that way first by a state of mind which led to its creation in physical reality okay any word you can think of that ends in an ENT meaning the state of war the condition of means happen in mind first and therefore it led to the state of or the condition of in physical reality okay so when I say that government means mind control it literally does and that is an accurate etymological breakdown okay the workmen’s was deliberately chosen for specific reasons I just explained the reason of that meeting the state of or the condition of people many people want to hotly contest that on telling you out right the wrong thing don’t understand why that was chosen man’s meaning mind was chosen deliberately to meet the state of with a condition of government is based on this illusory and false concept called authority people think certain people are authorities that they actually have rights that other people don’t have the right to command compel coerce and tell people this is right this is what you want to do and if you disagree I have the power to actually call compel coerce or can constrain you against your will if you’re not harming anybody even in the taking of that action authority is based upon equal illusion that is called jurisdiction now we breakdown this word it comes from the Latin noun jurisdiction comes from Latin use tourists use URS in Latin means law you are as is the possessive case and the Latin verb picked Harry so you is that Terry Uris that Terry jurisdiction okay Dick Terry means to say or to speak with us jurisdiction literally means to say what the law is in other words we get to make up what the law is the law is not something that exists in nature and is based upon right and wrong in truth and morality now we get to make it up God we get to say what’s right what’s wrong and therefore since we make the law were the owners of these people were there there in our jurisdiction in a wheel we get to make up what they’re allowed to do what are not allowed to do authority ultimately is an allusion again of a diseased mind disease psyche based entirely on violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that some people are masters who have the moral right to issue commands and others are slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the commands of the Masters I’ll do what you want to call it euphemizes anyway you want I call what it really is slavery that’s what it really is come down anything else you called everyone euphemizes try to make it sound as nice as pleasant as possible it’s all one thing called slavery is always a moral and needs to be ended exit and we had to develop the knowledge and the courage and the knowledge that Karen occurs and the belief in the legitimacy of quote authority this illusory nonsense notion is the belief in the legitimacy of slavery anybody who believes in that authority is legitimate and government’s legitimate where they want to admit it or not we know it or not understand or not I don’t care what they believe they are advocating the legitimacy of slavery that’s not my belief on you, I’ll care holes that my belief is not in writing the camera and saying this to the people in this room know that’s not my belief on telling anybody who’s listened to this that’s not my belief that eternal truth true okay you believe in these concepts you are a supporter of slavery the end that’s how it really is not because I said so because that’s how it really is okay and that called mind control for somebody to believe that slavery’s legitimate you gotta be under the mind control you out of either that were six psychopathic absolute piece of garbage okay one of those things are another is true you believe in those concepts again I’m afraid it helps something right in her face like that healthcare I’m not here to serve truth make friends or be liked on here tell people what the truth is I like your serve human beings make friends or be like I am here to serve the true weather will be accepted is not up to me I’m doing what I’m charged to do by creation okay whether it’s accepted is somebody else’s karma not mine alternately authority is the idea that man can become God and through quote jurisdiction dictate the law what the dark occultists of this world were behind ostensible governments in the world you know they set up all these institutions as temples right with this six psychopathic priest class ultimately believes us to become God would want to turn natural law on top of his head and will how is it woman a rule and how it’s a religion is a religion and governments a religion the concept of authority is a religion people most people see it that way when I’m in religion in a time of false religion okay it’s comes from the Latin relic RA I left I hear people say it comes from relic Garay or red legged RA Elliott at REL EGA aria relic Garay which means to read over again to go back over something that you’ve already read and read it again the most ridiculous nonsensical derivation I’ve never heard the word religion to reread and please let’s put this to Pat folks government religion does not mean to reread it doesn’t come from rat red legged RA around let Gary I can’t member which infinitive is used for that part of hand but it comes from rent the guy Ray has read the John REL I GA RE I ran the guy Ray means to tie back to hold back or to Fort from forward progress by tying more binding kind up so you can move forward that’s what relic RA is and that is the etymological root of religion because of false religion is a system of control that is based in unchallenged dogmatic belief which keeps the mind in a prison in order to hold back the progress of consciousness and that’s where the bulk of humanity is at in a green cage there in them the mind cage okay there is a positive connotation of religion it also means to reunite with and what we need the reunite ourselves with is the truth and common sense and natural law and the knowledge that there is no such thing as legitimacy as legitimacy to slavery that’s what we need to reunite with Euna and then we been living with true religion we be practicing true religions that they can to stop trying to make our religion truth gotta start making truth are religion that’s what needs to be done so what’s the one true divide that exists in humanity people sold the separation top and were all one now were not there is one true divide that does exist in reality and here’s what it is the one true divide that separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals the criteria for this divide is whether or not an individual believes in quote authority and therefore believes that there is legitimate legitimacy to slavery the two groups of people are the people who know slavery is never legitimate and people who believe that it can be legitimate that’s what actually separates humanity that stopped the all other things to buy and conquer race religion sex and sexuality in calm you know religious belief system these are all divide and conquer techniques there is one real difference whether somebody believes in slavery are not of course people call these the difference status and anarchists rate so here’s a couple of means that I picked up on Facebook status is the brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap imprison harassed steel from and kill people so that we can be protected from people who kidnap harassed you from and kill people that makes whole lot of sense against me having to work out brilliantly that system in place to an anarchist I couldn’t find any good pictures and anarchist because the role fake anarchists want to destroy property and think that there’s somehow doing the world some good in a black block the really communist and skies okay when you really wall down with Delano and is at all to do some young Marxists who thinks that that some that I don’t act that shall ideology some kind of a pathway to freedom is a bunch of left brain clowns have no understanding of natural law in a Google put your polkadot jumpsuit and some floppy shoes on and go but get yourself a nice clown nose seriously that’s what these people are very joke there a joke there will the first thing about freedom is not the first thing okay so I was looking for good pictures of anarchists as “like your meeting myself Larken Rose Freeman Alfredo racks people get all the stuff like I personally like the work Michael stare on Excel David like what I said hey what let’s put a meme up there that really expresses it so I found this picture of G Jesus and mean this as I’m an anarchist for most of my followers are status to people who were these fake ass Christians who believe they somehow are following the teachings of Christ and they believe in governments they believe in financial institutions they believe in organized religion to the three things that killed Christ if you even accept the historicity of the event was Christ waging basic conflict with the Pharisees and Sadducees to organize religious order and and and and controlling religious orders of his day okay what really got them in deep trouble he was passing them off but they were already on the on the way your warlord was on the way out the New World order was already on the way in at that time in a got himself in real trouble when he went against the financial institutions the money changers at the temple take a people for a ride for Temple points right a fly there ass he took up a switch on right not somebody who never got angry looks at the evil set of sister that just experience in a number of matters. A switch and beat their ass for Usery okay and then finally put in the death the police of their day the role Roman Empire in a Roman centurion’s operating standing army and police of their day government was if I was in waging spiritual warfare against to try to bring righteousness in the world and care when you accept it as historical fact or Alex spiritual allegory could care less we want doesn’t matter all that matters is the teaching he was waging water more spiritual war against the three entrenched mind control religious establishment establishments of his day organized religion organized finance and and government and people see it that way so-called Christians you is interest in the real teachings they just want to call themselves often identify and say all that that magically makes me this in a grid go to church on Sunday doesn’t make you a Christian you know more than going with Senokot synagogue would make you aligned with the true to the teachings of the Torah no more than in attending among a mosque would aligned with the true teachings of Islam or any other religion to take or essence of the teachings of morality from those systems you that they’re all people who claim these faiths in name only when they don’t understand real freedom so status is an individual who erroneously believes there’s such a thing as authority that is vested in certain human beings magically giving them the right to rule over other people this authority means that certain people who we call government have a quote the right to issue commands to those who may rule those under their jurisdiction and that their subjects are slaves have a quote moral obligation to obey the arbitrary dictates or laws quote unquote that are set by their masters most simply put a statist is nothing more than someone who believes in the legitimacy of slavery conversely and anarchist are true anarchist anyway is one who knows that there could never be legitimacy to authority or government because those terms are simply euphemisms for violence and slavery and coercion which are always immoral and in opposition to natural law let’s look at what the word anarchy really means again you gotta break it down from the Greek prefix and which means without or the absence of and the Greek noun archon they’re written in Greek script which means master or and again I mean externally want to ask totally lose another work claims to be the master of another that’s what the term archon means in its connotation anarchy as we can see by putting these together does not mean without rules the world archon does not mean rules okay because there’s always going to be rules in effect all natural law the laws of morality it means nerves in all was rulers that’s what archon means in Greek literally means anarchy now putting it together and absence of archon master or the absence of masters or nurse ask totally imposed masters or rulers meaning when we put together okay it means without rulers without masters now you give people that term no masters no rulers no masters no slaves were they going to associate those phrases with freedom but if you tell people what is turkey mean to you what you associate with what you telling chaos which is the exact opposite is in that other Carl okay the they have deliberately if you skated the meaning of the word to a mind control technique called endless repetition by keep telling you will work doesn’t want me that’s a projector that ever hey can you check, over there make sure it’s projected image on the board correctly you know the bell down in my hammer I’m waiting to go by and hammer by Doing that endlessly mostly endlessly for years and years and years people would start: at the base if not I got enough people keep calling it that so they got enough people call you’s about that got enough people to believe that the on the state of slavery means chaos instead of freedom is almost unfathomable it’s almost incomprehensible the mine job it’s been done on the species is almost incomprehensible anarchy is the state of existence where there are no masters and no slaves there for what it really means is the absence of slavery or in other words true freedom told means I prefer to call it and are Connie okay keeping the were entire world archon instead of taking out the ON great if we keep that their college are Connie and I say I’m dark honest people asking what the hell is that then you can really break the word down and see the absence of archon the absence of those who would claim to be masters over a population of slaves that were in an arc honest is it saying that’s illegitimate that’s unnecessary and that we need to do away with that state of existence okay so we look at these two is true divide again the status and the anarchist I call statist arc honest this is somebody who believes in legitimacy of the archons the horrors okay and I’ll be talking about a future presentation the concept of the archons more in future presentations and the anarchist as it’s been called I think should be Colby call the arc honest because that somebody who knows that there is no legitimacy to the mastery over other people were the worship ask totally over others keeping them as slaves or subjects there’s no legitimacy to that and that’s the one true divide that separates all consciousness here on the earth that the real divide in the real Enlightenment comes you understand is no legitimacy to slavery or you continue to believe that there is legitimacy to slavery that’s the divine consciousness that has to be bridged the fear of chaos this is what keeps this system going chaos can’t be viewed as something to fear it’s gotta be viewed as a teacher harsh teacher but a teacher nonetheless the chaos teaches us through the Apple static process what not to do okay that’s a bad idea hey you probably shouldn’t do that your desire is not to burn your hand to the point where it’s blistering flash is starting to peel off the don’t care about whether that happened by all means keep it right on that still okay great on the electric stove to see if you say I don’t want to be barren there are requirements for obtaining that condition it means you can keep your hand on something that it’s it is extraordinarily hot or natural law will take over and burn your flash doesn’t require your belief that’s how it works all this is humanity humanity is the little child that is a little slow and they want not to be burned yet simultaneously they insist now I want to put my hand on the ground while the ranges on and be burned simultaneously for good luck with that folks cause it doesn’t work that way you don’t want to be burned the hand can’t be There while still is on the you know want negative self-inflicted suffering chaos in your life you gotta align your behavior to natural law which means you gotta know the difference objectively between right and wrong and willfully through your free will shoes deliberately choose the right action over the wrong action then you will be burned but as long as you know what is all you have your handle master which means you’re in opposition to natural law enjoy the burn enjoy right get used to it the flash not softball and then the bones turn in the dust because that’s what you get that’s how it works and again nobody wants to hear that you want to hear that the natural laws don’t care about you they work flawlessly all the time and bring you the result that you are creating the control and slavery system is actually about the limitation of free will through the destruction of possibility the all done break the old world order used to be religion and Priest Kings right were in between you and God were the intercessors the intermediaries we make the law your are subjects your slaves you obey work it’s Iraq all they’ve done is take the concept of a ruler which was the old world order and then converted into the concept of now there’s a ruling class called governments to get to make up what we tell you may or may not do okay and there appear at the top of the pyramid now that’s all they turned from a monarchy to somewhat of an oligarchy but is the same concept were the moral masters that you have a moral obligation to obey and you’re the slave class in a big that has an obligation to obey her commands to nothing changed all he did is say well not people no longer believe in and the priest king so we need to create an institution with this quote unquote authority is seemingly diffuse but many people it’s always been nonsense it’s always been mind control is not to be anything else other than that still goes away true freedom includes infinite possibility because infinite possibility by definition includes the possibility for chaos for real freedom to exist we have to accept hey things might not go or it right all the time we live in a physical domain the physical world a there there could be dangerous in a nothing could ever be sanitizer made completely save this Boris physical world activities are concerned there’s always going to be the possibility something could happen go wrong somebody could get hurt chaos can could happen if you live in that state of fear that that can happen what is that is a high consciousness or low consciousness low consciousness low consciousness can only create why chaos the fear of chaos itself can only get you more chaos because it is based in fear as we should just keep referring to that expression chart in a go online five slides of the online it’s in videos I’ve done training read look at it for stick up in your home understand how that chart works you those expressions that I went over those expressions the possibility okay all of chaos manifesting the possibility that may manifest has to be embraced without fear if were going to be truly free and must be embraced at the sake I am going to allow for the possibility the chaos make our because that’s that’s getting out of the consciousness of fear which that will lead to freedom removing that fear the fear of the possibility of chaos is actually equated to the fear of true freedom was on the first I can’t have you believe that a system with no masters could work out I came now could work out with that call what’s been deadened in that person what they lost imagination there it is that is actually the equivalent of the death of the imagination now what is the imagination the imagination is the powerful ability of the human mind to envision a different state or condition than the one which is already manifested in the present so imagination lost first be present in the mind in order to create a different state of existence than the one currently being experienced and this is because according to the principle of mentalism for any different state to manifest in the physical world the plane of the facts it must first exist within the mind or the plane of causality if the imagination is stable or destroyed and the destruction of the imagination is what I refer to as total mind control you can go into any more total mind control state as the imagination being dead right if that happens any positive change to our state of existence becomes completely impossible and this is where many people are already at the fear of the possibility of chaos is more than even the fear of true freedom freedom is the death of the imagination is putting the mind permanently in the cage and you can’t let that force within us call the imagination die is that the only way to envision a way out of the present that to envision it first then you have the put that that of those thoughts and emotions that you used for that in a visioning process into actual action so that it becomes manifested in the physical world through their fear of the possibility of chaos which is actually the fear of true freedom most people advocate the legitimacy and continuance of authority in government and are therefore actually advocating the legitimacy and continuance of violence and slavery those who believe that authority is necessary and that it must continue because of this fear of chaos have actually been duped into believing that human slavery is necessary and get this folks human slavery must therefore continue in order to prevent chaos engine that imagine that that’s what sadism is no that’s what the religion called the belief in government were sadism is it is the belief that human slavery is necessary and must continue indefinitely in order to prevent chaos for manifesting the tell me how that could possibly work can violence and slavery which is actually what government is a euphemism for sadism in government are just euphemisms for violence and slavery take violence and slavery ever possibly prevent chaos why why why can’t because they are chaos violence and slavery are chaos we already in the state of chaos being held under the threat of violence and duress which is slavery is the state of chaos to forget about fearing chaos coming on you are in it now surprise surprise hate to break the news to you all okay were already in the state of chaos which we need to create real order by getting rid of violence and slavery order followers these are people who keep the system of slavery in place and they are the people who keep the system of slit in of slavery in place with essays again in order followers are the people who keep the existence of slavery in place not the ruling class not the master is not the so-called elite which are deleted anything but the bottom of a trashcan okay the people who keep slavery in place are the people who willfully follow their orders nobody wants to hear that people will hate you for saying following orders means by definition doing what you are told to do without judging for yourself whether or not action that you are being ordered to carry out his actually right or wrong that the definition of the following orders can anybody refute that is that not the actual definition of following someone else’s order by definition your nice if you’re following the order you’re given the order that you just act you just do it if you’re following the order you sit there and go to that person, and write the right to do that is that moral should I do that because you know it it’s okay it doesn’t hurt somebody else which I cannot do that because it actually does cause harm in order followers doesn’t mind in order followers as you are and if I was the order that’s why it’s called a follower that’s why it’s called following in order to let the definition of what order followers is not my perception of what order followers if the actual definition of order following okay if an individual this is he to understand it an individual is performing the task of following orders by definition that individual and not the exercising conscience since by definition exercising conscience means that one is willfully choosing through their free will work themselves right action wrong action so that the concept of following orders is come lately Hall opposite to the concept of exercising conscience you cannot be doing the same things simultaneously it’s impossible to do those two things simultaneously they are contradictions in terms by definition that most people don’t grasp that okay by definition if you’re following orders you cannot be actually exercising conscience conscience which involves free will choice based on the knowledge of right and wrong here’s what order following gets us as far as a nation is concerned you are not the were not already there not that these people already take us were taken by them already covertly they took us to the school systems that they could beat us militarily so they said well let’s send our ideologues over there and get in the minds of their children have you believe that’s what happened you’re very very very naïve not only the Nazis with the Communists as well is really it’s all just forms of socialism that’s what feudalism is worldwide socialism is there’s no such thing as private property state owns everything right still exists property rights that exist to revise a futile surf again called Neil feudalism healthcare which branch, from what, from the left that’s called communism one, from the right that’s called national Socialism communism international socialism that both the same force call feudalism which is called what is called feudalism which is in itself just another euphemism for slavery they want Neil feudalism which is the New World order of slavery okay and is already here are supplements coming up here now the object is to get out this is the result of following orders at the following orders get to society filing order should never be seen as a virtue following orders is evil out here whether carefully care if something was considered a holy man gives me an order and I follow it I just committed an act of evil force I’m concerned if I baseball fully with somebody else’s told me to do it that’s the there’s no morality at all at all at all there is this not a virtue is evil they make that’s so abundantly clear and stated so unequivocally there’s no such thing is any possible rule following of orders the two terms are contradictory right I was just following orders is never a valid excuse or justification for immoral criminal behavior and this lame attempt to abdicate personal responsibility should never be accepted as a valid excuse for such behavior and why it’s done is the justification and again that means to create a right from US meaning right were law and the Latin verb for charity which means to make or to create and this is what they say I was just following orders I was just doing my job I was shutting down your protest you have a right to speak the politicians commanded me so so I just came out I was doing my job you would sound can in a just my jobs following my waters the justification your criminal is nothing more on that there is nothing virtuous and that’s called criminal behavior criminal activity and what they did was try to create it into a right make it into a right by a justification and nobody should ever accept or justification the other justifications is that we know they are it’s called a 100% crop of bull that is a complete lie is a lie is straight up looking in the face and sank not responsible for that I just did it, the ones responsible for as I was acting on orders will see this defense didn’t work as the Nuremberg defense and the in America should be accepted nobody in America should be accepted because they believe in legitimacy of authority in government mind control that’s that they believe it they believe there is legitimacy to its most people actually believe that there is legitimacy to this criminal behavior because a class of people calling themselves governments have magically been in being and gifted with such rights quote unquote they believe they have rights other people don’t they themselves believe it but worse is that the people who are actually of by that criminal behavior they believe they have the authority to do it Donnie said he was assistant evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees an evil system never deserves such a legions allegiance to it means partaking of the evil of in person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul which means saying no moral culpability what does this mean the determination of who is ultimately at fault or deserving of blame again this is a legitimate and real concepts there is faults there is blame we get over this new age nonsense that Norman is at fault nobody’s the blame should never take you should have done that that caused a lot of chaos and trauma for other people you not to blame it just happened now where all the people who did the behavior are to blame to carry out the Holocaust in Germany the people who follow their orders to do it that you carry out your followers is the answer to carry out the purge of political dissidents and Soviet Russia are followers and they’re always in the form of police way think they call a totalitarian system a police state where they call the bank or state, will call the politicians they were about a lawyer state and charge state 10: he knows things want to know why because none of those people are ultimately responsible for bringing that condition into manifestation through the behavior your endeavors your followers carry out the commands and through their behavior make that can condition a reality that’s why it’s called a police state because every police state that has ever existed has always been created by Paul Reese who follow their orders because they want to take responsibility and think for themselves and know the difference between right and wrong for himself like an adult instead I want to be a child will be started I that issues are and that’s what it’s really about folks want to get to that there is such a thing is blame for the commission of actions which have resulted in harm or loss to others this is what culpable means it comes from the Latin cold but meaningful for blame it means at fault or deserving of blame now who is more morally culpable the order giver recorder follower and please recognize I’ve underlining capitalize the term more I’m not telling you your endeavors are not morally culpable they are is not the question is or are any of these people morally culpable is not my question my question is look at the full question is an or morally culpable the order giver or the order followed always always at all times and places at all times and places I put this meme up on Facebook and I mean I got some hay back for okay people on here this like I said I’m not here to be part would make friends. Tell people what the truth actually is and they have to accept or reject it on their I put this meme I made this meme put up on Facebook and it had politicians on the left side my actions underlining capitalize the cause that and then there were some soldiers and Marines whatever they are order followers on the right side and they’re also saying the same statement my actions that cause that and at the bottom I just put this question I’m sorry I I looks like on site at the top I put this question who is lying and who is telling the truth is who’s lying here and if people can see I hope that they can see this horrific picture this is the result of no bombings that took place in the Middle East are around I think around Iraq and it’s it it’s a father carrying his dead child in his arms okay maybe if bombs raining down on our children might think differently about going in and waging imperialism on other nations I don’t know maybe you might think differently about great what happened to somebody else’s child that’s okay that’s done in the name of freedom they will cause this is because it validated cost they are not the actual cause of this is you know it all they did they sign some piece of paper were under expensive suits pay and they told these guys the seller Your Honor orders now gone on these people and your these people and say yes sir and don’t drop bombs and he and and fire off the ammunition okay these are the people whose actions create things like this that these people all they’re doing is speaking into somebody else’s here on and on a speech speech not actions the event look really look my actions then cause that yes it is if these people are saying my actions didn’t call that there my very very very painful and difficult thing for people to comprehend and accept I’m not telling you should feel bad here in this bond I’m telling you it’s true the painful truth the order follower and always bears more moral culpability than the order giver for the reason that the order follower is the one who actually perform the action and in taking such action actually brought the result in harm into physical manifestation order following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world it should never be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being order followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the earth that’s the painful truth that people don’t want to accept because they want to believe the absolute nonsense that order following is a virtue of any kind and it needs to be letter rated from the face of the earth because it’s not the way to any kind of virtues or order is the pathway to evil and annihilation that’s what it is responsibility versus abdication while one of these people want to think for themselves it’s too easy to just follow the orders of somebody else this Sunday believe somehow magically this absolves them a personal responsibility to choose right from wrong and individuals personal responsibility to choose right action of a wrong action for themselves and always belongs to that individual and that responsibility can never be given to another person or pass along one can only claim and imagine that they can abdicate their personal responsibility for such choice to someone else it can never actually be done in the only making the claim I’m not responsible for that behavior to this person for me to do it that just clean it and what moreover it really is it’s just a damn why okay more simply put an individual was always personally responsible for their own actions. In the end you get irresponsible for their no copout’s start trying to make excuses and justifications for criminal behavior all up to personal responsibility if you did wrong action you you it I like how David like words as he says accept responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you a long make these choices so you alone are answerable answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that your boss required that the establishment expected holds no truth or justification what is the point of having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior really does allow others to dictate their behavior don’t have principles the reason it will have principles because they hate themselves there is psychological self-loathing and there’s a reason there in that state which my future work is a covering that in extensive depth and detail at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution you’ve made creation it will not be based on what another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped I call there’s no other way I can my way out of this I can envision doing something else I might have to get another job I might have to relearn I can envision becoming a different person and why the identity I’ve already forged for myself how can I possibly imagine that I will mention this basket my whole ego identity is all wrapped up in my job and what I do that defines who I am and I can go against that it’s all nonsense is all the people were doing just because they feel trapped and they can’t imagine that there’s another way most people erroneously believe this is the second part of the abdication of responsibility on the part of the people most people erroneously believe that they can handle for their natural law right to defend themselves to another individual group or entity in making such a false claim that somebody else is my protector somebody else this responsibility to protect me and offend me they’ve attempted to abdicate a personal responsibility which actually always belongs to them and can never be given away that the self-defense principle you only you it’s it’s yours you can’t give it away to somebody else shock and amazement okay that is your responsibility already and that’s why you know what they’re all too happy these controllers are now even all to happen is not our responsibility to protect is what their actual always there just revenue meant for the new King Saul ER and it’s like people back in line if they try to exercise rights that the new King coal government has decreed that they may not exercise that’s what the real role was else and protect the people they serve and protect the ruling class and then will admit that themselves in a white because they’re liars most of all to themselves the bunch of childish liars Franklin said those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither and will lose both and this is address of the fear of chaos and the desire to advocate your personal responsibility to defend yourself to other people just because you’re afraid and you want to take the responsibility of doing it yourself you want to stay in that mindset I give up my freedom to be safe for enjoy your safe slavery I for one will take my dangerous and chaotic freedom okay I’ll take the take the the absolute cannibal lurking around every corner and I’ll take my chances thank you very much giving my freedom and my assault rifle and I’ll take my chances thank you okay so the idea that you just want to be Sleep safe in your view of your freedom to do so is just a child that’s how a child thinks and that’s what this is really about not want to grow up and become adults and again there’s a reason for this there’s this is the underlying psychological reason but there’s an even deeper one, touch on this one first self-respect versus self-loathing people don’t want to take personal responsibility and become an adult are in the psychological condition is called self-loathing what it means is you hate yourself nobody who wants to perpetuate slavery can possibly like themselves they cannot love themselves it’s impossible you are already in a state of self-hatred if you believe in government but if you believe in its legitimacy okay because you believe in slavery and therefore slavery system you want to continue how can you possibly love yourself it’s not possible self-loathing is the underlying psychological condition that causes people to attempt to abdicate their own personal responsibility to exercise conscience and fall into patterns of all of the order following and justification just that is as it is not possible for an order follower to truly be exercising conscience it is not possible for an order follower to truly love themselves these two states cannot exist simultaneously you cannot be in order follower and love yourself it is impossible they are contradictory psychological conditions okay. What an order for us self-loathing person really is there track in a trauma abuse victim cycle a trauma happens there’s an abuser is a victim and then it repeats itself because often the one whose abuse becomes the traumatized up and then the cycle repeats again talk about this pretty extensively on my podcast series right that’s what self-loathing at with this mind state okay this is a call creature okay it’s a 100% program and lifeless fee that is imbued with the ability to actually move like a robot if you can liken it to a flash robot okay and is a concept in ancient bark occultism right and the golem is driven by the force of self-loathing and that’s what the order follower’s are the golems fingers to insult people really care how people take it I’m telling what they really are and what the doctor called us think of them they call their dogs and cats is the name for the police and military the whole series on that okay and I must tell you that from book knowledge on tell you that from their lips to my years that’s what they call the golem is in this mindset I have suffered I will cause suffering to others since I can’t deal with my nested psychological traumas and childhood issues and the inadequacy issues okay I’m going to take up all of that nested unconscious psychological frustration on other people that I have no right to take it out upon that’s the goal mindset self-loathing is created when an earlier trauma has been suppressed and buried deeply into the subconscious that the role the subconscious to protect the conscious mind from traumatic experiences so that the conscious mind doesn’t keep reliving it and therefore reexperiencing in the physiology however if we never bring up that shadow material to the conscious level it builds and builds and builds until it ultimately destroys us psychically and spiritually right instead of confronting dealing with the healing that from people wanting that work is too hard to dredge up that shadow material it’s hard work will lead me to come out of the mine state I was in I had to do that shadow worked for years years of more suffering and pain say what do I have to look in the mirror and confront about myself and then work to change and admit thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of times I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong I don’t know how many thousands of times I look in the mirror and say that to myself sometimes to the point where I was so depressed I could get out of bed for days just sit and lay in bed and played doing that all day literally endlessly repetitively and just sitting there in that condition of total self-loathing and total depression because of what I know I took part in an that I know was still my mental makeup was still my psychological makeup that was and take heirs to get out of and try to explain this to prevent people from having to go through all that suffering this knowledge can be gleaned without having to go down that path it can be done I’m not telling that easy work but it is possible such trauma could take the form of feelings of inadequacy whether they are real or imagined you about my state ultimately is itself present a summary putting himself in a cage these people want to take out their psychological frustration on other people the prisoners they are in the change and the love being in the change you have any desire for freedom the only kind of person that would have no desire for real freedom is a person was in the psychological state of self-loathing hates himself and does not love himself now that he’ll self-loathing self-respect and we have to know the word respect means and this is about looking at yourself introspection it can’t respect comes from the Latin read meaning again in the Latin verb spec tirade which means to look at you put them together to look at again to take another look at all the take another look at take another look at yourself that’s what respect starts at you can’t give something somebody you’ll have have $10 in my pocket can give it to you I will have a you know a coin in my pocket I can give it to somebody else that had at first to give it to know what he can give respect anybody else unless they first developed the inwardly self-respect has become first that’s why these people don’t respect anybody or followers most of all themselves until they do that work of self introspection do not to develop that self-respect and tell again I tell you that’s easy work is hard work that can take a lot of time and dredging up shadow material that most people want to run away from the one confront that about themselves only self-respect and he’ll self-loathing and therefore help to put in order follower on the path of conscience need to take another look at ourselves the lost word I’d this is the end of the natural law segment and just to talk about solutions toward the end a little bit I lost word is the concept in esoteric Freemasonry which represents a state of consciousness that has been largely quoted quote lost to the majority of human beings in order to speak the quote on quote lost word a human being must work upon themselves in order to achieve a state of equilibrium or balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain in such a state of balance consciousness the being has come to know oneself as well as the working operations of the macrocosm meaning that natural law in doing so that person is also come to understand the objective difference between right and wrong or as these concepts are referred to in the tradition of Freemasonry they have come to understand the difference between lights which is right and darkness is wrong or light which is knowledge of right and wrong and darkness which is ignorance of right and wrong respect the right what is lost word though that’s the lost word ladies and gentlemen you know the knowledge of the highest levels of Freemasonry now most actual Freemasons in the large system on the lost word lost word is no how it suggests you is a dual word lost word is cool meaning it it’s two things not just one is the word no and I’ll and it is the word no K and OW those are the lost words okay in the enlightened state of consciousness generated through the knowledge of natural law a human being is finally able to speak the so-called lost word which is no know is the word of all power only when we say no to those who claim to be our owners those who would claim that it is they who will decide which rates we have or do not have do we start actualizing our power to anyone outside of ourselves and in doing so reclaim all of our rights all of our property that has been taken without rights sadly very very few people in our world have the knowledge care and courage that is required to do this this is why this all powerful word is considered lost and there is the other variant of the lost word now know your rights the reason you have to know what the difference between right and wrong is and therefore know what rights you have a what rights you do not have is because those who do not know those things will never say the lost word to someone who claims to be there on it will not say no and I’ll let’s look at some solutions I call the section teaching natural law to others guys were talking about education is the only solution knowledge is the solution the propagation of that knowledge is education which means to lead out from and do Caray in Latin means to leave one out from something and what is education means to lead one out of darkness out of ignorance that’s were real teacher does you doesn’t push somebody out this is our local first and show you the way and you can follow you know if you feel that this is the accurate path okay you can do the same discovery process it’s a repeatable process that’s what sciences which I’ve said this is not a belief system or religion is a science this is also known teaching natural law to others which is what I am doing is has been called in all of the positive occult traditions the great work and I I call the true great work because the darker coldest take everything twisted around and they have their own variant of the quote great work which is creating a world of total slavery that’s all that’s the dark great work I call this the true great work with a light great work how everyone for 2000 is that piece of jargon just a tag we put on shift happens well maybe but maybe not the results not guaranteed here folks the New Age is one to you it’s all guaranteed soul in hand in a that the that the Zeta reticular ends are to be common in from orbit any moment here give us all secrets to the universe save us from our amendments just got to wait a few more years or decades or millennia the only person a quantum shift in human consciousness is required for humanity to become free of its self-imposed state of slavery unfortunately this great change is not an automatic process nor is it guaranteed to happen at all we can be in this condition for a very very very very long time or it can snowball and lead to total annihilation and the extinction of the human species not get the positive outcome is not guaranteed anybody thinks it is is very naïve and in a extraordinarily) and overly positive light on you the negative outcomes guaranteed tone you can go either way depend on how consciousness goes how many people in quantum numbers are going to choose truth over deception that was to guarantee the battles, determine the outcome whether or not it will occur as a function of the human will to learn the truth and to teach it to others this involves an enormous effort enormous dedication and most of all enormous persistence can’t give up and was application of will is required continuous work partners in the in alchemy there is a saying it’s like that that that the catchphrase for the alchemical tradition lab or a at Konstantin TR it means work and constancy continual efforts that was going to get this boulder up the mountain that set and it’s going to keep screaming folks because of the level of calcification the human mind is at I don’t expect this to be an easy process on blowing smoke up your rear and entire hey, our new site to work the great work history so much fun to be so easy to take on real quick and everything is gonna be fine okay if I was some New Age who was trying to get you all to believe what I’m saying that’s what was I would not be worried about is how popular I am and how many followers I can accrue my interest in that interested tell you how it really is that make me popular as a matter of fact it makes me hate by a lot of people okay this is not going to be easy a quantum shift has requirements quantum the quantum is derived from the Latin noun quantum the same word in Latin as it is in English quantum in Latin means an amount of something in order to tip the scales of truth and justice back to balance a certain amount of people actually need to be doing the great work to help others to receive truth if we’ll have enough people doing that that those skills are not to tip in the opposite direction got news for you we need to hit at critical mass number numbers are required the New Age movement wants to tell you no numbers are required tiny tiny tiny tiny portion can make great great great change nine cents it’s not called the quantum shift for no reason it’s called a quantum shift because quantum means an amount okay you need to put enough force on that scale to get the truth the tip in the other direction if you have that amount is not content or rate so individual behavioral choices with whether either they are either based in harmony with natural law or opposition to natural law they combine in their energy and effect and in the aggregate meaning in the sum total they influence the quality of the manifested shared human experience that’s how reality is created were not up very contradictory to the New Age notion each individuals are creating their own reality in the get humanity is currently creating call creating the collective shared experience that we are all undergoing we collectively create our shared experience night each individual creates that the reality that everybody experiences you do create a microcosmic aspect of how you experience your life whether you are experiencing self-inflicted suffering large amounts of it or not that’s how the laws of attraction work at an individuated level but at a mass level they work in the aggregate we need a population who understands and lives in harmony with natural law and numbers are required for that to happen this dynamic act is a perfect expression of the principle of correspondence as above so below as below so above as the individuated units of consciousness are co-creating reality so the macrocosmic reality shall become and shall be experienced decisively contrary to the New Age view in order for a quantum shift to take place numbers are required to what is the true great work the true great work can only be performed after one has already realized the truth regarding natural law and brought oneself once all ones own actions into alignment with natural law that’s when it begins because once you do that and you’re no longer in that internal, a contradiction or opposition that’s when you can legitimately start teaching it to other people because you know it deeply enough and you actually align your behavior to it so the true great work is what comes after that and here’s what it is this actually with the true great work is now it is the arduous task of influencing other people to go through the very same process of change of positive change in consciousness that you have gone through it is to help them to realize that in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of authority and government in other words man’s law that what they have actually been supporting and condoning is the legitimacy of slavery and that they were in moral for having done so now that is hard work because people want to hear this they want to believe what they want to believe they want to be true what they want to be true they filter their perceptions through those lenses in short what the true great work comes down to is to actually get people to abandon their religions their false religions really I should make the slides a the false and dogmatic beliefs which hold back the progress of consciousness by impeding the reception of truth and natural law their calcified religious belief systems that would have to be broken down and abandoned call Young describe the great work beautifully I consider him modern-day alchemist as I consider many other teachers of the great work he said one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious making the darkness conscious polishing for it to become conscious not meditating upon it by making it happen through an act of will and that can only be done if enough people are doing great work that this latter procedure that he’s just described he says however is disagreeable and therefore not popular so few people were doing this work the answer is to actually be called the teacher I don’t do this because I want a lot of people be students and follow what I’m saying I could care less what you follow me the amount on your wrong thing that will befall me that’s a bad example befall me a little down the path of suffering for many many years we come out of it will be a better choice I’m telling you to file truth no true has nothing to do with me I want people here that’s what great workers help change other people’s minds once you change your own it’s like this let me run away from that is as possible are you crazy you want me to do while at the hardest thing there is to do exactly why so few people are doing many hands make light work if we had more people involved in the effort Michael smoother Michael faster Jefferson said educate and inform the whole mass of people that is the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty education is the answer researcher or researcher Donald Mackle Laney said in his book toward a new world order in every declining civilization there is a small remnant of people who were here to the right against the wrong who recognize the difference between good and evil and will take an active stand for the former against the latter as a small group of can still think and discern for themselves and who will courageously take a stand against the political social moral and spiritual decay of their day brilliant the words that are attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew and many people never heard this quote he says do not suppose that I’ve come to bring peace to the earth I did not come to bring peace but a sword for I have come to turn a man against his father a daughter against her mother a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household to talk about the enemy really is anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find that these are words attributed by Jesus but what you want to put in place of Jesus is the word true the way the truth like knowledge knowledge of natural law Christ consciousness okay he’s telling you there would be people in your own family there I will align themselves with right overall that continue to chew slavery to continue to advocate slavery these are people who want to continue to align yourself with if you have made an effort to truly explain what’s really taking place see this is the concept of true forgiveness and turning the other cheek it doesn’t mean turn the other cheek and it continued to ignore evil and excused evil indefinitely while it destroys you and means you give people who are close with and you have an affinity with more chances than would give just know at something you don’t know to learn the truth it’s like saying because they really care about this person personally to keep going back to Don that gone back home and keep hitting them with the truth and eventually they come over to the side of truth and write fine but we say here is eventually the spiritual war is going to go hot so speak and the people even who are closest to us if they don’t align themselves with the right of the people who are ultimately continuing the people in the world there is a real and spiritual enemy will this battle really be against the spiritual war while I sit will really actually be against inner demons that exist in the psyche of mankind and even her demons are egos that are hardened and what I’ve referred to as negative knowledge emotional mind control and the fear of true freedom so negative knowledge is the concept that family already knows there will look at something caused a you know what’s really going on dates it’s the illusion of knowledge the greatest enemy may not be a nurse but rather the illusion of actual knowledge and people don’t have the truth and now we don’t have the truths of their parents zero they are right there at the zero point there was a that we start looking in the truth for themselves but they are attached to all the stuff that isn’t true that puts them in the negative thing I do work to get back to zero of knowing nothing that’s why call it negative knowledge gotta do hard work to get back to a clean slate to start taking in some good stuff many people were in that state and the people who are in that state largely are the overly intellectual of super left brain left brain prison books emotional mind control is the second inner demon and yeah I encounter this all the time the people at my work to many people don’t have the thick skin to listen to somebody like me that’s okay sorry again what are talked about is that in the ancient traditions they talk about reserve the meat for the strongman and furnished the milk for the babies right I’m not here to convert the babies that I have the patience for that I don’t have the energy for that well and try to do is get the other teachers radical might have the energy and patience for that because that’s not me and him being 100% perfectly honest with you that’s not me that’s not up on my knew that okay I’m hoping to bring some other people that are most of the way there are the way they are so they can start doing that on a wider scale you that there were to be the people will work with people like that not me I’m just being honest with you emotional mind control comes in a couple of forms or if this is unpleasant in the New Age variant is this right here it’s unpleasant I want to hear it I want to see if I certainly will want to tell others about it see no evil hear no evil speak no evil I just ignore it will go away on its own what happens when you do that with any kind of a sickness or a problem as it does get better it gets worse the second form of emotional mind control is people have a problem here in truth because they don’t like were preferring the way it’s delivered on estoppel of retreat where delivered this is my style I like my style personally I think I’m probably on way present I listened back my presentations and I don’t feel totally pat myself on the back by state and the damage of their am proud of how how I did personally okay I’m making an honest assessment about how I present and again I realize my presentation style is mostly for the thick skin is not for the people with super delicate sensibilities so be is not really I’m trying to reach I’m trying to vertical integration of horizontal integration and help build up the community of people really get it they can start propagating it to the masses this concept is about you know the attractive newscaster on the on the nightly news she can whisper sweet nothings in your all night with the blue frequencies behind her in a cake and say 2+2 equals high 2+2 equals high and she’s learning a lot of people believe that nonsense right for the person is actually telling you the truth and you might not like the sound of his voice he might not like the harshness that he comes to you with the truth with the truth with he might be screened doable or insane danger the adventure there is an imperative here okay there is a kind consideration here you have all the time in the world the correctness rate people say will likely he said that comes off as negative to me I think he’s fear mongering or making a bigger deal out of this list are not interested in the contents the actual information there saying the way that was set offended me out for the sound of his voice of the Tony just took all does not have any damn thing to do with whether the information was true the people are in this mine state are under emotional mind control they believe you can determine the veracity of informational content based upon how it makes you feel and this is a logical fallacy that cannot be done cannot think with the emotions and I’m not telling you to disregard the emotions there on believably important there are Compass for morality in our lives there the compass through which we should set the direction of our behavior but you can’t calm to determine and analyze and break down what’s true or not and make a filtering system based on just how the information made you when you heard it okay you have to actually think with the mind with both hemispheres of the brain with true intelligence to come to our filter and determine what’s true okay no matter how much anybody wants to know give you that soft sweet pleasant emotional voice okay that person still lying to you and no matter how much the person comes with integration abrasive harsh nasty or scratchy voice like keep telling you 2+2 = 4 and and and you’ll personally like the tone guess what folks it still equals four at all times and places that’s the truth no amount of pleasantries were wrapping up the lie is ever gonna make this statement on the left your true but yet that’s what people rather prefer to hear it’s told the women nice pleasant: truth is belligerents as I said the beginning of the presentation it is by its very nature or with the forces of falsehood in the city Brecht we literally believe that we are in the right to ignore methods of truth if the messenger is somehow distasteful to us I would argue this to be a symptom of total madness at the anonymous quote I also found for eye and that’s a great piece of wisdom is a gem of wisdom right there is total madness to disregard truth difficult will it the way it was set call emotional mind control been a big part of my work that I tried to explain to people where is the fear of true freedom come from this was the lead in my future work which is a whole another series of presentations, go deeply into this in the future I call it’s very difficult to see here there’s actually a tree there it’s kind of in a deep red, put some text over top of it I should’ve started it in a more right read and then faded in the background but forgive that form on the slide you can look it up here at the top of the tree there is the leaves write the leaves are one’s refusal to own their own personal responsibility you think all that’s way down to the root now that’s the symptom it’s manifesting up to the top of the tree that that’s actually the leaves on the tree leaves and twigs rate that we get down to the big branches in the trunk of the tree were getting closer to the heart of the real psychological issues that are at work driving the negative aspect of the problem right and this we Lori talk about self-loathing due to lack of self respect now really really describe what have we actually been describing what kind of people want to live in perpetual refusal to own personal responsibility because they have some nested traumatic issues that have led to self-loathing and lack of self-respect what I really describing their white well yes is a slave mindset but there’s something else than on that I’m describing what kind of person which I thank you were talking about people who are psychologically emotionally and spiritually immature they have not grown up there not accept personal responsibility which is a hallmark of true adult hood maturity and this is due to the trauma that they’ve undergone this led to self-loathing okay and the lack of self-respect which is why they don’t want personal responsibility they want to remain an eternal child now let’s find out what is at the’s of the history of evil because until we go into this space into this causal factor of these other manifesting psychological conditions were not actually hitting the actual root of the problem if a child doesn’t like themselves they hate themselves they feel are not good enough to not worry you have all these imagined our feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing okay and that and that’s expressing their refusal to grow up and take personal responsibility for their selves in their adulthood what kind of trauma specifically has that child more likely than not psychologically undergone the gone through a specific type of childhood trauma and I would argue that most people on earth have gone through this type of trauma and that type of trauma is called abandonment the human species is suffering from very deeply seated parental abandonment issues that lie at the very core of the psychological condition that we call the human condition until we deal with that nested psychological trauma that has been created for abandonment issues were not hitting the roots of the tree of evil were not you were not getting down to the very core issue that needs to be understood my future work on to be presenting this on December 12 in Philadelphia for anybody was in the Philadelphia area it’s going to be what I will call a synthesis and explanatory synthesis of why this is the root psychological condition of humanity I call it cosmic abandonment this could be one of the biggest biggest aspects of the next part of my work I think it’s that would really set my work apart from others in the truth and freedom community in the alternative research community until we wrestle with those psychological abandonment issues were not getting to the heart of what’s causing these other problems in the human psyche like self-loathing lack of the development of self-respect and the refusal to own the responsibility for one’s own actions and when you connect this with human origins to make the case that it has always been like that it has always been like that we’ve been children on this planet since we have been on this planet and we have never actually psychically psychologically and emotionally and spiritually grown-up because as a species we have undergone what I term Haas Nick abandonment so that can be, not been in future aspects of my work what will be required on the part of those performing this great work and you know it is like Sisyphus rolling the ball drop we just gotta get up to the topic of that one last push to keep doing it again who knows him 840 tried to do this and it ended in failure we need the knowledge of the real enemy the real enemy okay will get to what that is when he didn’t devote ourselves to service the truth not even service to humanity by saying it’s not a great virtue to have and enact I’m telling you to go beyond this is and how service to me you are any other individual to about service to truth and principles first and foremost and we need courage and persistence and then we need practical real-world skills and knowledge of the real enemy needs that ultimately come first and this is in it folks this priest class that goes meet and has the rituals at the leading role on Italian are not evil much you not psychopaths are not timely that will need people like that in the world hate I’m telling you that in this spiritual war this is a tiny tiny tiny tiny in seeing again as far as numbers are concerned fraction of the totality of the human population that could not possibly control the minds and the behaviors therefore the behaviors of the masses of people without our compliance without our ignorance so why not tell you I hate you know like these people my respect for them as an opponent Parlier Danville you can well better believe I do I don’t underestimate the cycle not a bit know why I worked with him I know what their will is like I know what their intellect is like I’m telling you don’t nested on the rest me the one I’m telling you the honest and underestimate their care have like I said it will have Karen the terms of compassion and the normal range of human emotions like we do something that means they’ll have care they deeply care about what they’re enacting what their agenda is they have the will to carry it out there not slowing down their unified a unified front there on the scene age believe it no I’m not tell you that from like reading about her book knowledge I’ve been around the psychopaths have specifically been to the psychopathic gathering but I’ve been around not that’s not the real enemy that is the sleeping masses hypnotize masses there your enemy that what the people say the illuminati enslave humanity doesn’t humanity enslaves the real illuminati think about that for a little bit you know to do the psychopaths in the last slide really enslave us and for small people calling the illuminati to no such thing illuminati means that your enlightened the illuminated ones were known as the enlightened ones there in his room were any of the Menotti the people who know what I’m talking about here are the Menotti illuminated ones that want to like the ones with the real knowledge okay they were referred to themselves as the enlightened ones that they might have the dark side and they don’t have a true son you know they’re imbued with a black site that means it’s all intellectual knowledge and then you’re applying it for the totally immoral wrong reasons which is to control and manipulate other people does nothing illuminated about that so the real illuminati they’re not the enslavers of humanity the dark illuminati or not the enslavers of humanity either humanity enslaves itself and they’re enslaving the true illuminati the teachers were actually living under the conditions of slavery because they’re here with the ignorant people that she’s being enslaved by humanity humanity are the enslavers and this is another things highly unpopular people I want to hear they want to think were powerless victims there is no choice involved. This is something that is being done to us okay and I’m here to tell you free will is always in existence and it’s a matter of changing one’s thoughts and therefore changing one’s choices that’s our own personal responsibility that can never be given away for sure were shot were always responsible for what were doing service to truth is required truth itself is eternal can never be destroyed we know what humanity can be destroyed we can be destroyed when we refuse to act in service to truth as her defenders he will sell truth does need to be defended nonsense truth needs to be offended all times and places because the attack on it is never-ending and nonce continuous and if we all come to her defense you know what happens the voice of on truth and deception and evil in my control rule the day and the voice of truth doesn’t get her the truth itself doesn’t have a physical voice in the physical domain you know we have to be at mediums and we have to be his voice is possible for us to co-create a positive outcome in this scenario but this can only be accomplished if we care enough to learn the truth ourselves and then we develop the courage to continuously speak it to other people until our voice of truth becomes a nonstop chorus like the voice of lies and deception and my control has been for millennia on this planet courage is required Samuel Adams encapsulated this brilliantly said deliveries of our countries are worth defending at at all hazards is our duty to defend them against all attacks it will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation if we should suffer them to be wrested from off by violence without any struggle or to be cheated out of them by the art to places of designing men if you love wealth greater than liberty if you love the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom they go home from us in peace we seek not your counsel nor your arms crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you me your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you are ever our country now that’s about as powerful as it gets as far as I’m concerned because he’s telling you of your allegiances and to the truth and freedom I want to know I want I we hope history forgets that you ever were with us at this time and place in history and cause you deserve to be forgotten that’s we say here I couldn’t agree more persistence is required constant efforts we are the actual vehicles by with truth which truth by which truth operates in the world therefore it is our shared responsibility at this time to help to awaken others by continuously speaking the truth even if we feel burdened by this task even if we feel no one is listening and even if that makes all involved in this process you uncomfortable is not about feeling competent folks is not about staying complacent is about shaking things up making people feel uncomfortable who said whoever told anybody that the truth would make you all warm and fuzzy inside whoever told anybody that white people want to believe that whoever said that was the case the truth is horrible and yet needs to be embraced as a lover okay with dedication to it even if it’s for horror Thomas Payne who I feel is most enlightened person on the continent at the time of the American Revolution person is one of my personal heroes walking in the vicinity were up I walk sometimes now he said these are the times that try men’s souls the summer soldier and the sunshine sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of his country but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman here and he like hell is not easily conquered yet we have this consolation with us that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph I think he was one of the true anarchists that was living amongst us and the quality of these words attributed to the Buddha Siddhartha God, he said there are only two mistakes that one can ever make on the path to truth not starting and not going all the way all the way I wrap up a lot of my podcast with this quote I love it so much it’s about persistence is not about safe I went this far and now I’m uncomfortable to see the rest of the picture I needed three quarters of the mountain that’s far enough to let me set up my base camp your pitch my tent I’m staying here no farther I want to see the peak okay until we become fully enlightened in gold the way to the summit don’t expect things to change the respect and get better the truth has been taken in in its fullness with real-world practical skills you know this isn’t just about all I know this now actually the skills okay to communicate truth skills required knowledge is required okay to reach a good amount you can just talk to the people around you in community health to a small fraction of people that way on a single that even if you don’t have these other skills if you want to get it out in a big way to the masses of people and in the new form of media which is doing things like this through the and positive and empowering use of technology he wants all of the technologies are not in a personal rule for with a gorilla technology and knowledge is the thing that improves life and our every skill level the tools how it’s used exactly take using technology for a powerful and enlightening purpose right now that’s’s intended use is to serve humanity and to serve truth okay so real-world skills in the pathological era I feel are absolutely required here some of the good organizational skills you I hate or interest at this right today they set this up right now I see people set things up real badly I seen it done the correct way which is this way and Richard and Lisa they done a brilliant job you’re getting this on film and know about this and go online and reaching out on a real wider base of people as a result right so the organizational skills some people better than that with others I’m pretty good with organization I feel I have put good powerful organization skills communication skills and have a way with words to Good vocabulary he did organize words correctly in the other communicate concepts in often a very linear fashion to people so that they can readily absorb it easily in a your all over the place to not get the concept of the graphic design skills in many cases now I can build a presentation like this without my background in graphic design and you’ll thank God I have you it’s like I got jobs like I did in the past and so are they prepared me for everything that I was doing in my future singer mystically worked out like that but you know you in the sky know how layout flyer folks only people who can lay out some flyer that’s awesome I am still highly impressed by the anti-IBS people that know the other presentation to people raising that’s awesome Kate you should be proud that presentation skills like consultant like this together how many people are basic presentation skills you a little less but not bad either I’m impressed okay audio skills in the summer to go to work with audio podcast audio etc. video video editing skills when the rich richer semester that website development you this was laborious and in the past 10 years ago and we have free open source content management systems now make this almost brings in a somewhat little bit of a learning curve once you get there hey you’re off to the races you can maintain multiple websites that rate so how many people can build a simple website by show of hands has also awesome I mean I can yell kudos and whoever eats that were or whatever but can’t tell you that’s impressive for amount of people in one room and have almost got him impressed by your idea is very rare I networking skills I mean literally like people skills on week on this I can do it I don’t like doing I like marketing from and promotion either I’m not a good marketer of my work I’m trying to get better at that but I need some work without meters people can help me with that but you know I’m a good chunk of all the skills I can do all of my not so good in the last two I need the more work but job know if I if most of us don’t have the skills were not to be reaching the optimum number of people we need to be calm the new media that is dedicated to truth and put that out there for other people’s consumption and other people’s edification right we are we are the answer we are to be illuminated towards the ones who will help to enlighten other people once we’ve taken this knowledge and to ourselves then that’s only “you put it back out there I tell people the story had all this knowledge a long time sitting on doing nothing with it is taking more and I want to make sure I got it all right I will make sure that the whole picture go to a meeting in the state of Virginia Virginia virgin goddess okay care very synchronistic a woman comes up to me she says one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve come across what are you doing so anyone my doing said I mean what are you doing with all the knowledge you have doing prep that lectures presentations videos are really doing I’m not doing those things taken lot more in down a lot more videos she goes like this and this is so matter-of-factly and harshly what makes you think you have the right to do that what makes you think you can to take in all of this in all of this in all of this in not put any of the back out when they should think right to do that I was like he was like somebody hit me in the face she she said this was a freeze she said I never forget it your Niagara Falls in a water balloon you’re taking all this and always pressure pressure pressure building up’s got no outlet to burst she said you have to put outlet now on that knowledge and let it flow of you and go out to others and then more will come in right now there’s no pressure release out your Niagara Falls in the water but like the truck Romeo you literally like a vampire truck I I came up with the idea for what is happening like a couple weeks after that I can so I can think about what you think about is what she said echoing in my head what makes you think you have the right to and then say nice like said it like you know you’re not doing the right thing here I get up off your ass and do something that was the time it was sent and I totally appreciate it you who knows man if that wasn’t said to me that I might not be doing any of my out of the thing you never know I like to think at some point I would have bought at the crossroads is less section and will get some questions quote by Bob or Bob Westminster for the dark ages still reign over all of humanity and the depth and persistence of this domination are only now becoming clear this dark ages prison has no steel bars no chains or locks instead is locked by this orientation and built upon this information caught up in a plethora of conditioned reflexes and driven by the human ego both morning and prisoner attempt meagerly to compete with God are interactively skeptical of what they do not understand we are powerfully imprisoned in these dark ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think the conditioning of our thought is what is This in this prison and only now the and the actual depth of the dark ages that we are in or be starting to become clear some people we’re in the time that I call the apocalypse and actually I will start rephrasing this one actually explained people were not in the apocalypse anymore we are now in post-apocalyptic times we are living in close apocalypse the apocalypse has already occurred it over we are living in the time after the apocalypse will I mean by that while got a look at the meaning of the word okay from the Greek prefix our poll which means away from off of removed from and then the Greek verb, left time which means to cover or to conceal or too high so apocalypse means literally to take the cover off of to remove the veil from were to take something out of hiding ladies and gentlemen another big surprise the veil has already been left the truth is already out there it’s out the truth about what’s going on here and has been knowingly earlier is how’s it has been D.O. called not just by me by many many other researchers okay there’s a laundry list of them out on my website and I talk about in podcasts right it’s all out there on it literally means to reveal or to take out of hiding the apocalypse is the great revealing of the truth to the masses of people or is what I simply refer to as the process of the old coal thing truth removing it from being hidden what humanity needs to do is make what I call the cosmic apology not get what that means to these words right here I was wrong that’s the most powerful phrase that can never be said by human being the second most powerful phrase I would say I would knowledge as I love you but this is more powerful and even because this is about internal change not just the dynamic word interaction or relationship with another this is about an internal metamorphosis when you say these words this is the freeze of all power knows the word of all power by which we reclaim our power but this is the freeze of power right okay the word apology comes from Greek IPO meaning away from off of a woman from as we just just seen and the Greek noun locals logos means word okay so hence an apology it literally means to go away from the word or to give back the word hate you are taking it back to clinic and apologize for something I didn’t really mean it or I want to retract apology needs to take back what I just said that I’m taking it back I’m removing the word I am going away from the former word or phrase that I just said that’s an apology in the standard colloquial English understanding sense right let’s look at what I call the cosmic apology work this term really comes from what it really means see the Greek noun locals which is written there and Greek script which means word in Greek it comes from the Greek verb Lego I let go in Greek means to speak or to say that we get the English word lexicon from right the Latin noun lacks legacy is related to the Greek verb Lego to say again because who put the laws in the manifestation the creator did have the mount how the creator manifests the physical universe and all the laws spoken into existence reality and truth are spoken into existence by the power of vibration the vibratory power of voice okay so the creator created the universe by the freeze the outlooks in Latin means let there be light okay the Latin noun lacks like us meaning law is actually derived from this Greek verb Lego means the court to say God and not man is the logos the author of law the one who spoke the law into existence at the creation of the universe because natural law is the boundary conditions of the the manifested reality call the physical universe these are the boundary conditions which govern humanity’s work is to learn to listen to God’s word not man’s were not man’s law natural law spiritual law moral law God’s law karmic blocker we want to hold everyone okay consequentialism this is the truth that’s what you want, all these phrases really mean it all comes back to the word true exit the truth about what is what’s operating here and humanity needs to align his behavior to this law God’s law natural law without alignment of his behavior don’t expect it to natural law don’t expect things to change your expected to rapidly grow worse humanity must make a cosmic apology by giving the word of faith which means the authorship of creating law to rethink what the authors with authorities offer means right author of the word for authorization to quit this online before the words works right an author is what writer were you saying there an author who has all for it see they are offering something using rates for they are a great RIG HT – ER okay there to make it into a right this is what you hear when you hear the word authority your author which means he waits for the one who makes rights which means someone who believes their God is always really comes down to in a nutshell were up against the class of people who believe that they can be God and all and everybody else that is all the article comes down to books people who believe their God six psychopathic lunatics who think that God to rule the hell of the present world that the recreate they call their dark New World order we need to give the word back that’s what an apology is and who is the beginning back to is the creator of the universe because that’s the author of the law that his rightful owner the word doesn’t belong to us folks who were belongs to God twice as the beginning of the biblical biblical tax in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God in a that’s what the logos is natural law God’s law would best definition I can forgive you for the work God all people look alike that very few people ever look at it like that that’s what the force of creation is its natural law how we create co-create our reality whether we do it consciously or unconsciously this apology is accomplished when we open our minds and hearts the truth and we start saying the lost were no evil for the presence of evil in our lives see that this is a uninitiated inside what was known as the jet with the Jed pillars depending on how certain people pronounce it these Jed pillars represented stability and enlightenment and they represent the two principles the sacred feminine principle of nonaggression and the sacred masculine principle of self-defense the initiative is the is the enlightened one who is who is incorporated and bridged both pillars and has come to the place of cosmic illumination which is represented by the winged disk of my in the commission tradition which is over the lintel between the two pillars that winged disk of March March was considered a great mother goddess in the commission the ancient Egyptian traditions Kate she was the force since it is a personified DD heavy agent commissions and actually worship a physical woman but this was it was the personification of truth and justice and order and natural law that was encapsulated as the sacred feminine essence and she was above all the other deities in the in the pantheon of Egyptian deities of commission the market there was no got no goddaughter that is higher and how they looked at alignments with marts is if you wanted to have order and you wanted to avoid chaos you learn the teachings of marts because she was the goddess of justice and she was the goddess of righteousness she was the goddess that brought order if you align herself if you align yourself to her teachings and her teachings were natural law so that’s what this is here this is saying we need to take away the word is not safe to remain silent and don’t use your voice to know what it been saying this is a symbolic allegory for the apology right know what else the G in the middle of the compasses and square is hollow G the sun the lights the generative principle okay we need to make the Apollo G right that’s what the G in the middle of the compasses and square in allegory also represents because one of the big deities are the Greek deities that is often kind of exemplified in the free Masonic tradition is Apollo he was a son God and he was a you know a corollary to Horus in the Egyptian tradition and Jesus in the Christian tradition in a and Mithra in the Persian tradition and many other Sun guys that represented truth and light right that’s the middle way the middle pillar us with the initiate represents in a at that I started this presentation with a slide before we begin now we have begun and it’s up to you to take it further know what you’ll do with this knowledge is entirely up to you see this is a painting by Alex Grey that shows the worldview schism only stay embedded in the left brain and in other forms of imbalance and want to create the negative worldview right or we can live in harmony with natural law which can create this path when we incorporate the creative and nurturing and sacred feminine aspect of our beings natural law living in harmony with it can only lead to these conditions freedom peace prosperity the continuation of our species are actual physical survival and our evolutionary progress and consciousness that’s what living in harmony with natural law leads to conversely living in opposition to natural law will get us the side of the world tree you’ll bring this world this hellish world of chaos and destruction because living in opposition to natural law can only lead to the states control enslavement more chaos evolutionary stagnation and ultimately the extension of our species which will we choose you know that so up in the air I can’t tell you that only each individual can make that decision for himself and then that will play out in the aggregate in the mass consciousness the numbers Thomas Jefferson set a free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature and this was also embedded in the Declaration of Independence the laws of nature and of nature’s God and not as the gift of their magistrates John Locke said the natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man but only to have the law of nature for his former Grand Master of the order of the Rose crossed the Rosicrucian tradition Francis Bacon said nature to be commanded must first be obeyed if we want the forces of the cosmos on our side we have to learn and adhere to the principles of natural law if we do not align our behavior to that nature will not stand with us it will continuously stand against us and it will itself create more strife and suffering in our lives and we certainly won’t command will command its forces light with things like free energy positive purpose and only be used for destructive purposes the psychologist Alfred Adler said there is a law that man should love his neighbor as himself and he’s referring of course you to the golden rule in a few hundred years it should be as natural to mankind as breathing or the operate gates but if he does not learn it lost parish and you know folks I would really hope this is not to take less than a few hundred years based on morality not so sure you know I think we could do a lot faster than that if we accept the key that’s been shown here today that as I said before has the power to unlock all the locks on all the doors to all the cages and that’s with the knowledge of natural law comprises will we make the choice to climb the ladder of consciousness to it act of our own free will choice and efforts is not if it’s not a simple climb I mean it is a difficult line it is not overly complicated to learn these concepts to learn these truths involves abandoning many things we’ve already been condition with the server we are okay I’m not telling you it’s gonna be easy it involves a lot of deep introspective work with if we do it we can step out of the prison that we’ve impose upon ourselves by balancing the sacred feminine and masculine forces within each one of us and by recognizing our own inherent sovereignty and that there is no legitimacy and never has been any legitimacy to slavery and control and he asked worshiping beings as subjects they that recognition of sovereignty has to go hand-in-hand with our knowledge of natural lots totally integrated component of this was a title slide this card this taro card was on the title slide when you understand I talked about this in some of my work online when you understand the deep connection to the taro tradition and other Mistry tradition teachings specifically it’s very deep interwoven relationship to the Kabbalistic tradition of the Middle Eastern Mistry traditions are eight you understand that this card right here actually represents the will of creation and what creation itself with the mind of the universe itself alternately wants to manifest in physical reality not some otherworldly dream rolled her fantasy realm was spiritual reality that is to,.com right here in the physical domain which is not separate and distinct from the spiritual domain they are one and the same this card is known as the justice card okay and is based on the Latin word you’re switching right or law okay that’s where we get the English word justice this card represents balance between the pillars as you see on the right side of the King holding the sword of truth in hand and the scales of truth and justice have been perfectly balanced and are in the other hand and it represents sovereignty and it represents alignment with natural law and most of all it represents alignment with truth and the manifestation of order that can only happen when we align our behaviors to the principles of natural law only then will we see the manifestation that the universe is itself wishing for us and trying to help us create which is justice in order if we let go of the things that are holding us back and break our mental chains of bondage weak hand create a world that is based in actual real freedom is possible I’m not telling you it’s not been in the arduous work or difficult journey but it can be done okay if we choose to do that will oversee advances and things that are going to be created that in the world is going to look so drastically different if we go down that middle path to the truth and to order and to justice to the understanding of natural law and actually applying and living our lives that the changes were going to experience are to be so positive and so transformative that were going we can scarcely even imagine what the world will be like on the other side of that work up on the other side of that transformation will that be done maybe maybe not the answer will come from what you see in the reflection of that device right there that’s what will determine nothing else it’s up to each individual lesion John thank you so much for your kind attention to thank you that finally this right here Lex Rex simply means the law is King the law is King Lex Rex is my final slide thanks so much was some question and answer how much time we have by the way did I run way over I leave some on my God I am very happy that the that the venue allowed us to go over by this much okay and that they didn’t just come in and say I get out of here so I really didn’t want to leave time for questions but I think it would be I am off it would be really just know intrusive and ignorant this point to stay beyond this time so maybe we should start packing it up right I apologize for going so far over I think the info I think the information speaks for itself in his work and I hope I was clarified on this and say what anybody has specific questions since there’s no time for questions let me just get this across take this is no time for questions I’ll make the personal effort I rarely tell people I will respond to email questions tell me specifically that you attended the seminar here today in an email if you have a specific question get to the specific question quickly in your email and I will make the time over the next few weeks to try to respond every body I promised a house that is at sound okay I thank you you guys be here for staying for the whole thing thank you I’m very impressed with out with you guys today know that takes a tremendous effort of will and and attention so you’ll thank you thank you guys so much