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Date: 2010-04-13

Topics: Polarity, Love vs. Fear, Worldview

Hello everyone today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010 on your host Mark Passio and you are listening to what on earth is happening my website is what on earth is networks website is revolution listed here live every Tuesday night at 8 PM before I get into the show topics for tonight I want to again make a few announcements about events that are coming up very important events are coming up in the Philadelphia area and I really would really like to see a lot of people from this area come on out to these events because of the critical nature of how important they are at this time in history and how absolutely vital that is to get this information out to people that really I have not heard of it yet and have not looked into this very critical data that we all need to be looking into problem solve the problems of that we are currently up against so the first event is a free documentary showing of America freedom to fascism the great documentary by the highly acclaimed film producer Aron Russo this is going to be this coming Monday, April 19 from seven 7 PM at the ethical society building exit 1906 South Rittenhouse Sq. in Philadelphia here’s the description to an area called true freedom and prosperity true freedom prosperity is hosting these documentaries at the ethical society true freedom prosperity is proud to host our next feature film highly acclaimed film by the late great Aron Russo America freedom to fascism if you haven’t seen this film yet please do everything in your power to be here if you seen enough times to recite it word for word and invite or bring as many guests as you would like as always there are no charge for the screens however donations are encouraged to help pay for the venue this documentary is about an honest search for the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the legality of the internal revenue system extensive interviews with recognized experts and authorities the director shows an astonishing revelation of how the federal government and the bankers have for the American people by taking the wages and putting it into the pockets of the superrich director goes so far as to interview one of the masterminds of the IRS code and you the viewer can draw your own conclusions as to how the system works this is not a documentary film with opinions conjecture or editorial comment is a true documentary with a purpose and that is to educate every wage earner about the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS how they got started and where the money goes is extremely well done will make you laugh or make you angry but most of all it will inspire you to take action that is what it is all about more information visit true freedom prosperity not or peso is the first event announcement for tonight separate one next Saturday is the official and the Fed march rally and concert in Philadelphia, to open this one up with a quote the Chinese philosopher Juan Jan said that to know and not to do is not to know and I would expand on that brilliant insight even more so I would say to know and not to act is not to know or care to know and not to act is really not to know or care think about that when folks because there’s a lot of people that do understand how the Federal Reserve system and the federal income tax work and yet there frozen into inaction by their fear fear something on the talk a lot about my only get into me topics for this evening but although all of the event announcement I just think that’s a very very prudent thing to keep in mind to know and do nothing is really not to know and it really means you don’t really care enough to take proper moral action what you know to be right so the end the Fed march rally and concert April 24 next Saturday this’ll be going on from 10 AM to 3 PM the galleries will begin at City Hall is a 1500 Market St. in Philadelphia and it’s a lot there will then be a march down to the Federal Reserve building or not I believe that’s it fit and arch streets in Philadelphia and then will be an outdoor rally with food entertainment so here’s some commentary that I put on the on this event when I send it out to my mailing list last week I said if you still don’t understand how intricately related the Federal Reserve system is to the destruction of our natural freedoms then you haven’t really learned the thing or you’ve chosen to deliberately ignore it out of apathy laziness cowardice or all three words are not enough if you value your freedom and the freedom of future generations of humanity take action stand with us encourage at this event and become involved with this calls today true freedom prosperity is proud to present the official end of the Fed march and rally for Philadelphia April 24, 2010 schedule of events are as follows 10:00 AM will be a gathering at the west side of City Hall at 1122 the march to the Federal Reserve building will start from 1230 to 3 o’clock will be an outdoor rally with food and entertainment and speakers as well location of that will be an independent small State Park or the Independence visitor Center center depending on conditions this is free to attend but you’re welcome to also make a donation to help pay for the event the other the speakers and entertainment are as follows could be some musical acts that are have a themes in their music and lyrics inspired by the cause of freedom Jordan paid will be playing Amy Allen and Keller and heist click below to the schedule schedule musical acts and the two speakers lined up so far arm Michael Bodnar needs no introduction constitutionalist his website is Constitution and Gigi Bowman from delivery candidates at liberty – will be the two speakers for more information on this event go to end the fed .us works from freedom most of the announcements I have for tonight and next thing I want to do is get the call in number call in number for the show is 347-884-9417 call-in number 347-884-9417 welcome the call in and hold on when you call I will get your call I checked the switchboard frequently going to show I may not get you immediately but once you call and just hold tight not I will get you so in previous weeks on the show what we’ve been doing basically is largely philosophical it’s largely conceptual we’ve been talking about the aspects of human consciousness how it’s a dearth three basic aspects to our consciousness fought emotion and action started looking at the human brain and its basic structures also are threefold or three-tiered system to try and bring comprised of the are complex the limbic system in the human Neo cortex we looked at what brain imbalances costs what they do to the brain when either the left brain is completely dominant or the right brain is completely dominant in the in an individual so what were trying to really get down to on the show and this will continue as the weeks go on our causal factors that’s what this show is really all about next was going to really set it apart from a lot of other programs that really do a lot to discuss and to reveal the symptoms of what’s taking place in our reality but don’t very much really look at the underlying causal factors that that the deep relationships and the things that really go into creating the external reality that we see in that we experience that will that’s what the show really is all about getting down to call whole factors causality and basically we look at the two basic ways that human beings are full two basic ways reasons for human suffering it’s incredibly simple people except that which isn’t true and they refused to accept that which is true that’s it really is that simple folks people except lies in refuse to accept true and there is such a thing is true and that can really be boiled down to causal factors that are really creating human condition can really be boiled down to one phrase the ability to tell true from also the ability to tell true from also that’s what is creating our experience in the world that’s it that simple a wall will expand on that will unpack it further will look at different aspects of the Wii but also discussing a philosophy over the last couple weeks called solipsism the idea that there is no such thing as truth that that perception is reality that really the only thing that is real of the contents of one’s own mind and I call this the biggest lie this is the underlying fundamental lie upon which all other lines are built because it is making the claim that an individual is the personal arbiter of one’s own life the truth is not something to be discovered and accepted that you can make it up as you go along and more people are victim of this ideology and anyone would even imagine would even care to imagine it’s a rampant ideology if you really start to talk to people and try to get down to their basic underlying worldview which is another thing were going to talk about today on the show you understand that many people’s worldview is based in solipsism so for for today show will be discussing that a little bit more will come to the topic of worldview 102 on the show today hopefully Albrecht is between two hours somewhat evenly is going on going to discuss the concept of polarity polarity of the before you get into this I want to address one other thing about how I’m going to do things on the show for the next several weeks will probably continue to break down conceptual ideas and philosophies and really underlying things that people often have a background in understanding if we don’t understand the bigger picture so probably for at least the next month I’ll continue to break down and expand upon topics and concepts and these are largely again related with causal factors of what’s going on and there is largely contained in my presentation some things in all expand even further on since we have more time to do that I want to address for for some people that are familiar with this material already bear with me because there’s a lot of people don’t have a background in this material and maybe coming to it for the first time so you know when they when they come to the site when the turn the show on when they download the podcast this may be new for a lot of people and I hope it will be in for a lot of people otherwise were not reaching anyone so there’s a delicate balance to walk here with moving too fast and losing people who may be completely new to this information versus moving too slowly and perhaps boring people that want to get into further details and topics so again I’m going to try to strike that balance and not bear with me on the welcome to comment on how well I’m doing that and you know give some suggestions but after we go through a few more weeks of basic conceptual material and I think I start having some guests on the show and are interviewing people and getting their take on things so that house, work and work today the two basic topics that I like the copper the first one is polarity and were to look at the two basic emotional polarities there are really only two basic forces at work within us and they take different forms and they have different manifestations so will look at these two seemingly opposite polarized forces so that’s what call polarity and opposites were as will see as we go further into the topic seeming opposites the next topic the next part tonight tonight so breakdown of concepts is going to be worldview we got a little bit into this during the last program but basically worldview was exactly what it sounds like it’s Halloween view the world that we live how do we view our our relationship to the world our relationship and the wider picture of things and our relationship to other people so worldview is really the driving factor behind what we are creating in our lives essentially what we think about most of the time is what were becoming what we think about most of the time is what were becoming the worldview that we hold shapes the events that manifest say that again worldview that we hold shapes the events that manifest in our lives so the way we think is critically important to what is actually taking place on the screen in front of us so to speak what we see out there in the world so these are the two concepts that I’ll be working with and breaking down in detail tonight polarity and worldview so let’s start with polarity and help again not everyone is familiar with some of these concepts and words so hostile polarity for everyone this is POL ARI TY polarity there to basic underlying emotional forces these are forces that are indwelling within us you can look at them look at them as emanations or you can look at them as essences you’ve these are things that really can’t be boiled down much further their primary’s the primary causes these are prime movers and that’s so there are two essential emotions and their polar opposites of each other at least seemingly explain what I mean by seeming polar opposites in any quality that you can really think of there are there are scales where there are degrees within a so look at the dynamics of hot and cold hot and cold are these really opposites really almost people say sure they’re completely opposite of something fun it’s not: something’s cold not hot but if you look a little bit deeper than the seeming opposite nature of these two qualities hot and cold you see that really all you’re talking about talk about hot and cold is energy et al. you’re talking about how much energy is indwelling within the same vigor measuring the temperature is it is a a measuring scale for energy okay if it there’s a lot of heat energy called hot if there isn’t a lot of heat energy is largely an absence of heat energy we call it cold so when you look at it from that perspective are they really polar opposites not the really measures of the same dynamic heat energy and that’s all there really is heat energy there is a hot and cold those are two polar perceptions it’s a way of looking at heat energy comparing it to something else to another extreme of the scale that there was only one temperature there would be no such thing as the concept of temperature say that it there were only one temperature it would be no such thing as the concept of temperature you have nothing to compare it against at all everything is one temperature always was it all it is now always will be then the temp the concept of temperature would never even occurred to end being could even think of what temperature is there’s there’s no comparison is no scale of comparison so you could do this with another dynamic white light and dark while it seems like two polar opposites again but if you really look at that those are just measures of the same dynamic once again light or its absence goes dark isn’t actually thing it simply the absence of light white energy go into a room with a dark room with a candle your bearing light energy into the room and say okay that candle lit up the room and there’s like you’re now you can’t do the same thing with darkness can’t shine darkness into a room concept doesn’t make any sense because there’s no there’s really no such thing as darkness there’s only light energy or its absence so we will see this concept applies in the emotional polarities that I’m going to discuss on the show that there really is only one thing contained within these seeming polar opposites the other thing is the illusory component is something that really isn’t there but we see it as being there so we have a scale of comparison to compare the real thing against to come to know the real essence so look at it in the in the context of light and darkness there really is only light energy or light energy not manifesting itself and call back darkness so to basic emotional polarities the first one is the essence of everything that we perceive as good or feeling good anything that we perceive in that context what creates anything that we perceive as feeling good within us or what we what we perceive as good for us in the external reality that we exist and it’s very simple most people immediately understand what the sense most people get this on the first shot if you asked them what is the underlying essence of everything that we perceive as good as uplifting as beneficial as truly powerful and of course the word that I’m talking about his love love is the first basic emotional polarity first basic seeming polarity as I I will further explain this isn’t what I’m talking about here when I talk about love is not a romance novel or a Hollywood movie definition of love so this isn’t possessing someone this isn’t know being jealous about somebody this isn’t trying to keep someone it isn’t attachment to someone else these are these are dramatic sized and romanticized notions of love that we see in in popular fiction and on on mainstream media and Hollywood that’s not the concept that I’m talking about here loan is the force which expands consciousness or say that again because of how important that statement is low is the force that expands human consciousness that expands consciousness. It is the force which opens up and flowers consciousness so anything that is moving us toward a greater understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live and that is expanding consciousness outward to ever greater and greater awareness that is love that’s what love is now some people say we can’t really define love or put a definition on it because it limits it but if you really think about the words that I’m saying here in a wider context this explains what this powerful force really is it is that which opens up and expands human consciousness now of course there is this seeming opposite worth this polarity that goes against the force of law and truck and seeks to do the exact opposite of love expands consciousness and moves it to ever greater states of awareness the opposite emotional polarity from love that closes awareness down it shuts down it is the compressive force closes consciousness down makes you not want to walk makes you not want to see makes someone not want to understand or care or and most people usually will get this if given the opportunity to take a guess at what it is some people will guess hate because they know him in word association generally think that is the first thing that is the opposite of love but hate is a manifestation of this force of course the force that I’m referring to his fear fear the opposite emotional polarity from love force with which closes down human consciousness it strangles the flower flowering of consciousness it makes people cut all from their higher nature and these two basic emotional polarities love which is the expansive force and fear which is the contracted force have both of each of them have internal qualities and qualities which express within us within our consciousness they also have qualities which create something in the X terminal reality that we live in so they have what I call internal and external manifestation so long has an internal manifestation and love has an extra manifestation of your has an internal manifestation and an external manifestation so let’s get into these four other qualities internal and external qualities of love and fear so if we look at the internal expression of love helpers below force manifest internally within us within our consciousness or basically saying is if the expansive force of consciousness which we call love manifests in an individual the expansive force of consciousness manifest within the individual what could we describe that state without manifestation is well could give it a few names you can call itself while and that’s one way of looking at some people would describe the state as enlightenment that’s another way of looking at some people would describe the state as balance or harmony within some internal peace is another way to look at that’s a very good way of looking at this quality is internal manifestation of the force of love within an individual now I have a specific name work I talk about in my presentation and the name may be misleading some people when they first hear spoken let me explain what I view this internal quality as we talked about in earlier shows the three aspects of human consciousness fall emotion and action when we bring these three aspects into harmony within us such that there is no internal contradiction within our consciousness so what that means is we are a person that behaves in a way such that as we think so we heal and so we in the world so the way that we think what’s going on inside our mind reflects in in in perfect balance in unison what’s going on inside our heart center arts care are emotions and peace to qualities what we think and what we feel within not not in internal opposition with how we act will behave in the world that do our thoughts our emotions and our actions are unified as one and there is no internal contradiction or opposition between those three things now let’s think about this in a symbolic context for a minute before I go further the thoughts are the creator aspect what we create has to exist as a thought the emanation okay this is the essence quality then we have an internal manifestation called our emotions this is the spirits side so we have the mind aspect fall the essence then we had the the internal quality which is the emotions and asked the spiritual aspect the spirit in which we do things is called our emotions and then there is a byproduct of mail byproduct because actions are male essence we do them outwardly actions are thrust outward into the world so of the male child of our thoughts and our emotions is our actions so we have the Trinity here we have a creator aspect we have a spirit aspect and we have a child aspect a male child son so there’s the essence thoughts that mind that goes on in the mind that the creator the internal quality the emotions that’s the Holy Spirit or the sacred feminine goddess and then there’s the child divine child a male child son so to speak symbolic at our actions in the world byproduct of the marriage of our thoughts and our emotions now if they are all one all three of these things on one we don’t have any internal opposition now the word opposition is critical to understand if you go back and look at ancient Hebrew language there’s a word that means opposer opposition adversary that worries shut hot where we get the word Satan for a it means that which divides that which opposes that which creates opposition because this force the adversary the opposer one divides us get into us the minute that we are internally divided because our thoughts are emotions and our actions are not operating in unison as one or not a being that as we think so we feel so we act will often do something in opposition how we say feel this is the betrayal of the spirit because you’re going against what you know to be right and what you feel to be right sin against the spirit taking an action for justification I know that I should be doing this blots I’m going to do this which is not in the spirit of what I know and feel and that is the force call shut or Satan the opposer the adversary at the end of the actual being that people imagine in in different religious connotations it’s a way of being in the world that’s the kind of being that it is and there’s mostly just about everyone exist in the state of opposition at some point or another in their lives and continues to exist in that state of opposition there’s very few people who are completely United being and to and take the actions that they say they think and feel because it’s hard and requires courage it requires an immense amount of courage and are so many things that are built up in this world to make us go against her better judgment and we justify justifying those things old if I didn’t do that then there would be these repercussions if I did that there will be these repercussions there’s an endless supply of justification provide for not doing the correct moral thing in life and this to take this back to the concept of the emotional polarities specifically the internal in dwelling aspect of the dynamic of love the force of love the state that I refer to as the expression of love when it comes to fruition when it comes to flowering inside an individual I call it dominion dominion this is a word that means worship means that someone is the king or queen a have dominion this is self dominion doesn’t imply any external ownership or worship this is dominion of the kingdom of self you could call it mastery as many people have is why we refer to the great masters in wisdom teachers and avatars they had dominion as they fought so they felt so they acted in those three existed in harmony and were divided within it didn’t have the indwelling force of the adversary the opposer opposition that divides us from inside of our self so that’s what I mean by dominion could call it self-control could call itself ownership self ownership and a great word that really does represent this concept I actually bought it even changing the word that I used in the presentation to this work because it really does some of this concept perfectly and I I I would say you can use it interchangeably with dominion or self-love or harmony within or internal peace or internal balance okay and that sovereignty sovereignty because what sovereignty really means is the same thing as dominion if you break the word down so rain self rain self ownership self governance no external governance no external control internal governance in internal control over one’s faults emotions and actions and no knowing how to use all of those things in harmony such that were not divided within ourselves that the state that I call dominion and that you can call many things probably a very good synonym with dominion would be sovereignty that’s what the show is ultimately all of about it is about sovereignty sovereignty self ownership no Masters self ownership the only way we can really come to that state to that condition within ourselves is if we become beings that as we think so we feel and so we so we act I’m stressing that for an extremely important reason because that’s what this is all about the courage to act now when this condition is not present is not present there is a state of mind that takes over an individual well if dominion or sovereignty is self love itself ownership it’s self rulership being the king or queen of one’s own personal kingdom of self what is the opposite the polar opposite of that state so this would mean that the being is essentially ruled by the force of beer the opposite of love well this would mean that the person is always in control opposition with them so there always in contradiction between what they think what they feel and how they act these three things are never in harmony in a being internally ruled by fear their consciousness is governed by the force of fear the state of consciousness within results in a condition it’s very simple and it’s called confusion confusion what confusion is is the state of internal disharmony and the state of the consciousness being closed down and cut off from higher self, all from higher levels of awareness someone in this condition is not capable of knowing true from falsehood they don’t even know what’s going on inside them how would anybody expect them to understand what’s going on in the external reality that they live in and to be able to tell what’s real and what’s fantasy of what solution they don’t understand what’s taking place in their own thoughts or their own emotions because they’re in such a state of confusion that they’re not in touch with their emotional conference their guidance system for direction in life they don’t value truth and understand how natural wall works how getting in touch with truth improves the quality of our life and not caring about it makes our life turned to complete disarray and breakdown someone in confusion is not really love themselves they don’t have internal low the rule expression of love they may think they understand what love is in a limited definition and a limited scope they do not really have internally dwelling self-love they couldn’t possibly understand freedom they couldn’t possibly understand sovereignty those words are meaningless to a person in a state of internal opposition this person to person in the state of consciousness can pretty much be made or led to do anything they don’t really have a strong internal make up the psychological condition is frail and weak they are led they are the lead and sooner or later the lead will become the dead harsh yes but true definite that so this is these are really critical concepts to understand and keep in mind person in the state governed by fear will always be in a state of confusion which is internal opposition this is the internally manifesting quality of fear so we have love and fear we have dominion or sovereignty and confusion or indwelling opposition within the being what do these things create externally do they create in the outside world that we see on the screen of reality so to speak well when love is present and has grown to a great extent many individuals in the wider reality in the shared reality that we all live in there’s a state that comes online there’s a condition that bursts onto the world because of love the true essence of what the expansion of human consciousness is carried within many individuals in any society and those many individuals truly understand what’s taking place inside themselves and they live in a way that is reflected by the notion that as they think so they feel and so they act the condition that will eventually erupt onto the world is called freedom freedom is the external manifestation of the low force freedom is the external manifestation of the force of love and that can only occur when enough of the individual consciousnesses human beings on this planet, within themselves to a state of dominion of sovereignty of self rulership because they made the active free will decision to take actions that are in keeping with their false and their emotions and they cannot be driven apart from that they cannot be made to go against what they know to be rights and what they feel in the heart to be right there actions will be one with those qualities and freedom will occur in this world one second for that state occurs within many many many men need more individuals walking on this world don’t expect until people change their mind their hearts and their actions in drastic ways compared what they’re thinking feeling and doing now now the opposite of freedom the external manifestation of the force of the year external manifestation of the force of fear this is the fear is the force which shots down consciousness is the force which divides us the force which puts us into a state of internal opposition or confusion when that goes into the external reality widely such that many many many people are not self-governing don’t understand sovereignty are concerned with the true are concerned with freedom and are totally in a state of opposition within you get a condition that manifests in the shared reality that we live in and that condition is control control and this time I do mean external control people trying to control the actions of other people even if they’re not doing anything to harm anyone you get people wanting to control more and more and more and more and it’s never enough ultimately this condition leads to slavery and largely that’s where were at folks for those who don’t know that yet many people listening to the show does happen to be coming to my website for the first time understand that’s where were at and if were going to get out of that we have to become united not divided anymore within the coming beings and as we think so we feel and so we act and that’s a tall task that requires a lot of courage and I will leave it there for the first hour and I’m going to all of you websites in the call in number and I’ll start the music for the second out right so websites are what on earth is and revolution and I want to talk about these concepts for the second hour the call in number is 347-884-9417 Amar Cassio this is what on earth is happening see you for the next hour we demand that is what it’s all about you welcome what sold the top of human consciousness mind control natural law the cold at all is read what on earth is happening with the site upon the darkness of our world howling from the manager proved critical moment to and now here is your hope more all right with of this is what on earth is happening on your postmark Cassio today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010 websites are what on earth is and revolution number for the show is 347-884-9417 on the go straight to the announcements and after that I am going to I see we have a call or go to some calls a whole long caller on I will get you make some announcements again and the just to briefly recap what I talked about on the previous hour so to announcements for events that are upcoming this coming Monday, April 19 7:00 PM at the ethical society building in Philadelphia 1906 South Rittenhouse Sq. there is going to be a free documentary showing of Russo’s great film is great documentary America freedom to fascism this event is hosted by the great group in Philadelphia: true freedom and prosperity check out their is a that is America freedom to fascism free documentary showing Monday, April 19 7:00 PM at the ethical society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Sq. in Philadelphia I know a lot of people in this area have seen this film how many people happen that’s the question how many people never heard of any of the concepts or ideas in this film while bring some people out to this event so many people out there on aware and need to understand what’s in the spell just because you seen it and you know it doesn’t mean everyone thus do the real hard work and tried somebody’s on to come out to see this thing because it will enlighten them a lot and hopefully get a look and some other things now second event and are on the last hour I read a quote by the Chinese philosopher when Youngman now I’ll read it again and how many get my take on this he said to know and not to do is not to know to know and not to do is not to know that I would expand on that great gem of wisdom I would say to know and not to act is not to know or care to know and not to is not to know or care I see a lot of people going out to lectures I see a lot of people attending documentaries I see a lot of people attending discussions I see a lot of people attending healing sessions and New Age inspired events when it comes to the end the Fed rallies you get about 200 people in a metropolitan region of over 5 ½ million 6 million they in the entire wider metropolitan area of the city like Philadelphia with the founding fathers of this country walked were philosophers like Thomas Paine and Ann Thomas Jefferson walked in and wrote and conveyed their understanding of true freedom but no people people when it comes to standing up to a real demon like the Federal Reserve system don’t want take action so I said mailing about this on my mailing list for read it here and the Fed march rally in concert for Philadelphia PA April 24 at the Saturday most people are off work on Saturday morning into afternoon Saturday, April 24 10 AM to 3 PM to begin at City Hall in Philadelphia the west side of the City Hall building 1500 Market St., Philadelphia if you still don’t understand how intricately related the Federal Reserve system is to the destruction of our natural freedoms and you haven’t really learned a thing or you’ve chosen to deliberately ignore it out of apathy laziness cowardice or all three words are not enough if you value your freedom and the freedom of future generations of humanity take action stand with us in coverage at this event and become involved with this calls today true freedom and prosperity is proud to present the official and the Fed march and rally for Philadelphia April 24, 2010 schedule of events are as follows at 10:00 AM will be a gathering at the West West side of City Hall at 11:22 AM will be a march down to the Federal Reserve Bank about 1230 to 3 PM Bill be an outdoor rally with food and entertainment and speakers the location of this will be Independence Mall State Park or Independence visitor Center depending on conditions this event is free to attend and is about your freedom to make a suggested donation of only five dollars to help pay for the event if you wish speakers entertainment are as follows this to be a concert headlined by Jordan page also performing will be Amy Allen and Keller and heist click the speakers will be Michael Bodnar the constitutionalist’s website is Constitution also speaking is Gigi Bowman from liberty candidates website is liberty – for more information visit and the fed .us and true freedom prosperity.or if you’re in the Philadelphia area I highly recommend that you join up to true freedom because these guys are one of the few groups that are happening the true issues that concern human freedom in this area to visit their website and join today at half of the announcements of the last shuttle I was talking about polarity and the seemingly opposite polarities of love and fear the basic emotional polarities I see seemingly opposite because ultimately one of these is an allusion I don’t think it’s difficult for anybody with any understanding to figure out which one is the true illusion even though we seem so trapped in fear is an allusion folks it doesn’t exist only love exists and fear is simply the absence of its expression of the expression of love that’s it it really doesn’t exist on its own it is an illusory force illusory quality when we begin to forget who we really are so for now that’s all say about that I’m going to go into little more on this and then I’ll be getting into the topic of worldview if time permits but I see we have a caller on the line some attempt to take this call let’s see how this goes for you on 100% welcome hello are you there hello call call are you there okay you hear me yes I can our question out of Andrea under our question is show you that you what exactly is your which your I can’t find the word you the topic of spirituality at the political agenda worked into a two I’m not thing that good or bad thing that the third and is absurd don’t know the United States third I missed that work them into the third you answered yes you and everyone missing it because I have not ever come across radio show or anyone so far that I to yell within philosophy of our own existence and loving. And then integrating that within ourselves and then having that kind of emerge into the wider scope of our world is no such object right and wrong but if I know did I just that’s what it is that you more or less have been going be keyvalue you absolutely have assessed it correctly and the reason that our world is in the state that it is in is because many many more people have not made this association that’s why the world is in the condition that it that’s why people are in the condition that they are in you don’t understand these two things are intricately interrelated what is going on in the world of what you termed politics okay which I would say is simply the world of control the world of attempting to put out the light of spirit is the world of control of beings that actually believe that they are authority over other beings sovereign beings the spiritual movement is largely an iPad will be very clear about what to say here a lot of the spiritual movements with the so-called new age movements that are out there in the world today are largely not all but largely traps they are largely places that are used for control opposition for taking someone to a certain level of understanding and then having them pitch their tent there and not go higher of the mountain to understand the wider aspect of what is taking place on this planet now you can choose to believe that are not I’m not even putting that out there as something that I think or believe I know this case I know how they are operating in the work but your assessment about that I am integrating these two seemingly opposite spectrums spirituality and what you call politics is absolutely correct and the reason that were not collectively as a race of beings making more progress toward solving the planets problems in consciousness is because this completely interwoven and causal relationship between these two what would too many people the seemingly opposite dynamics has not been have not been brought together and understood in their in their connected context okay and asking a question for okay with a little bit off to the side yet I think threat readily under the top there’s no taboo topics or you could ask whatever you want openly go away in psychology and amateur noted that women have industry right read that women have a better ability to integrate their feelings and their rational thinking that together using both sides of their brain and take and it kind of learning how to integrate where they are and then after that that then they become the action of who they are by taking both into account versus men have attempting all the thing in general just have a tendency to be more left brain more logical more in outcome from their their core motions for the product that way not the chemistry rate in that direction to the totally I totally agree with you on those points and I get what computing me in my life I need to subject men and women I get that is it possible for what I say that when the kind of been one vampire considered weak or incapable because sometime they have a tendency to go moreover on their emotional side then they do their reasonable logical side on and meant to go overboard on the logical side and probably disconnect themselves from their emotional side and render that obsolete or stupid I agree and it is important to say that yes these are generalities that you’re making generalities and that’s fine I I’ve no problem with that because what you’re saying is largely accurate it is in general there is a dichotomy or a schism between the sexes now that they want us and when I say that I mean people who are trying to manipulate us based on this dynamic based on the awareness of this general dynamic that you’re referring to want to use this as a divide and conquer tech so that bit of the differences between the sexes is played out and played up until we look at it as something that we identify with and cling to and it there is physiological chemical basis these for these dynamics that you’re referring to and you are largely correct this is largely how they play out no doubt about it that met more women have on a more right brain tendencies more right brain functionality taking place in the brain and that puts them better in touch with their emotional sensibilities and some of them to come into better union with their logical side some don’t but men definitely tend to be much more imbalanced to the left brain hemisphere and Andrea did did you happen to catch my first couple of programs on your list of I I would recommend that you go to my website what on earth is I recommend you check out the videos that I have up there there is about is around 16 or 17 hours of videos up there on two different lecture series a four-part series where I discuss these dynamics and if you check out the podcast page of the first two shows the rock there this is a technically the third show on the first two shows particularly in in the second show I get into the brain chemistry and the structures in the brain and I break that down and I’m actually going to talk about this dynamic more tonight when I get into worldview and what I call the worldview schism and there’s there’s two essential worldviews that let’s say before Safir wants to push people of this world into a kite that one of them is a very left brain imbalanced worldview and people who are extreme left brain extremely (fall for this world this general way of looking at the world and in themselves and and then when you break down at an extremely right brain imbalanced worldview and of those who are very) and have many right brain tendencies and and faculties often fall for this worldview and I would propose a third overarching unifying worldview that takes concepts from both of these general worldview and unites them so that we can understand what really is going on and how if we fall for one side or another a false choice and often a choice that is presented to us to make us imagine that we have a choice between two things largely just like politics just like the political spectrum of conservative versus liberal Democrat versus Republican conservative versus Labour Party all an illusion all two sides of the same coin two wings on the same bird it’s its dialectical mechanics when you give people a choice between two things nine out of 10 times they will pick one is the child being seated at the table that doesn’t want to eat his his meal of one eat his vegetable so you say hey Jimmy you have a choice tonight you want corn or peas you’ll say your end up eating one of these vegetables like it or not you make the child think that he has a choice ceasing your core peace tonight Jenny and your pulse like peace and he thinks he’s made that decision when in fact the city was already made he was going to end up with one another so. Training course that absolutely and rats and other animals because largely million animals generally have this type of thought pattern in the structure to their false works in this dialectical methodology if you understand how that works in the human psyche and many many other people do not put you in the place of advantage over them to be about control their actions and their decision-making processes, manipulation thing it absolutely is manipulation is mind control is mind control is no less than mind control that I want to talk so much about mind control on the show because I want to use the word expert but as far as experts on mind control goes I’m about as close to one of the measure going to find I’ve been in let’s just say for now unique situations where these techniques were unveiled used honed refined etc. so I will be exposing methodologies of mind control that’s all say about that for now but future shows will focus specifically on mind control methodologies and that’s in my lectures and presentations on my website if you go up there check them out are you you should really keep an open mind cause it’s heavy weighty material for those who are coming to it for the first time take them in order don’t go out of order you it really does require establishing a tapestry of information and if the tapestry is on clown the pitcher falls apart this is I refer to it as a jigsaw puzzle that’s thrown life is like a jigsaw puzzle what’s happening on this planet is like a jigsaw puzzle that’s thrown at someone in a dark room the object is to gather up as many pieces as you possibly can and bring them to a place of light we could assemble and you don’t need to to gather and peace do need to gather most of the pieces if you’re to see the larger picture emerge and we need to do that together collectively if I want to see the bigger picture so if you do decide to go to my site and check out the material is on their please keep an open mind understand that the this information is not mine I want to stress that over and over again on the show this information does not belong to me there’s no copyright on this information I don’t sell anything on my website and this is information that belongs to everyone in the world and it is simply information that I have discovered on my journey of seeking that’s it you know that it doesn’t require belief I’m putting it on the table for observation and investigation and that’s really what it is all about this can be quote corroborated if research is done and many people have networking research and if someone finds something that they don’t agree with felt like Leavitt take what you want and leave the rest of not knowing one’s beliefs no one needs believe anything that is set here but again I would also like to stress that I don’t present this information as my belief system either I present this information is information that I have learned and understood about what is a car on the planet mail breakdown of the neutrality morals and ethics that I think is happening right yes and I it in our children know it is a wonder majority are suffering from lead poisoning because I don’t have any real grounded sense of right and wrong are not being taught that the majority of their parents are either dysfunctional divorce or didn’t grow up in well grounded family that had value that’s when I know I I eat out more and more of my imagination always certainly is certainly not imagination what law all if you have any any am of hesitancy were all of your about that though it’s not your imagination there are many people who really see this and there are many people who understand how this really works alluded to help lead poisoning or mercury poisoning not connected to be connected to the ground grieving the beginning that should be appearing by nature not just lightning again but it’s like a little bit overgeneralizing to what I that’s okay that’s up in the another thing I won’t discourage when people call and is some generalizing I mean will start use the word all been okay were getting into no care top young area above vicinity there on generalizing and saying yes most people this is what’s happening largely with the young it’s your correct large and I mean no we can’t be afraid to say what certain numbers are as we see them because it somebody with some discernment and with no a of view that really is looking at what’s were truly going on and not being a walk of wide-eyed optimists or naïve person can say yes this is happening with most people were most of the young it’s not your imagination, right that’s fine you look at what were putting into our children on types of food with the types of chemicals preservatives pesticides on additives look at what is in vaccines will talk about vaccines on the ship it’s a chemical cocktail chemical sludge cocktail that those horrors to the human immune system in and on the nervous system particularly the brain when soft metals getting to the brain the blood brain barrier what you expect to happen would you expect morality centers you know lighting up and bursting forth and you know that the D a human Neo cortex really coming into our coherence know you’re going to expect somebody that is becoming dumb down not just intellectually but emotionally and spiritually as well will talk about all this on the show but again seven topics here and we will we will look at the dark the object isn’t focusing and traveling on that but looked to not look at what actually is is ignoring information to ignore the truth is that this is negative this is taking place no information is negative was negative is that we ignore it and do nothing when we had a chance to act that’s what’s negative we need to look at our shadow side with an open mind and open eyes and confronts it and work with it and threw it bit I said this before on the show to compensate 1 million more times as the weeks progressed there’s no escape there is no escape were not going to escape this condition for this lesson the way out is through the way out is through need to go through the darkness to get to the light I know yesterday I think I’ll your bringing up really great points it was a your off your great great call and on I hope you listen in future weeks and I hope that the you’ll check out my site and some of the videos of their and the only effective: reason really really awful points so thank you thank you for but yet another caller know they hung up okay so that was Andrea great points that she brought up on Sophos and really great callers on the on the shelf of the future we had all get the call-in number again: numbers 347-884-9417 347-884-9417 so if anyone else called and I’ll take the call and not in a week and see what’s on other listeners minds but 04 in the meantime what I’ll do is break down another topic and not see how far we can get into this and if we have another caller let’s see what’s on this callers mind to go caller you’re on what on earth is happening hello there I 91 how are state your name closer to hear me after breaking up a bit regular regular over there I can call you back together for apologize okay I did on my lawn you’re my light apologizing with no problem we can hear you now go at it again I disagree I got the mid-overview of free will but with the story is emotional you know, made some bad is but I have been but anything which is not in understood affecting the in an underserved hostile opinion of the service we talking about visiting the business that we forgot about examining humor that that is absolutely right that the court point I think it’s a mystery and everybody debates about it from Harvard to the other side of different program that the question you know I sure it with but that is my opinion matter what you do will humble IOP tournament may be my humble opinion because of the chemotherapy is a matter of both examination and will going to the dating world going to be going back and forth consciousness in life is to be beautiful consciousness will never have to be explained it was explained to this community as the other waterways in the phase or as the Lord predicted that when trouble are we in big trouble is a book that I’m working on the hit do with her some kind of take why the mysteries of the letter that is under the mysteries of the other border reason and that is not to hurt us about the battle when it going. Too much and that I can drop in the different to you Mr. yes I will looking for answers but the interest of the immune there the truth and this would be there for the positive reasons that we can ever imagine if we have with questions that is the question to be there for a good reason if we have answered when trouble now I get my book talks about that in a gift you can think about it but when it comes to this again you know as well as I do that event with me before myself and doing some kind of research and thought about it Italy and all that stuff is all of Peter mine now or can be humble about it because I see a lot of gentlemen out there talking and beating doldrums as did the northern noise the world through and always do whatever it comes to our thigh” to God the consciousness you know everybody likes to pick side because taking side and righteous cells that motivate people to talk at the end in Atoka all over the health poker with them in the 12 bit off, muddy the venue of the universe it doesn’t really sell if you want to sell books in the create seminars to make minor get more than this book and you have to be the more polemic I did the universe the truth of the universe and the estimate of the universe to more fuzzy in their lives in the mystical spaces of both high heart and a mind though I was only a there I totally agree and my intention is not to sell books were no make money doing this my attention is to help unequivocally set the minds and hearts and the spirits of human beings free help to do that I could never do that on my own that is a free will decision of the people of this planet that’s what I want to see occur because I want to see what the true potential of the species is because the potential is not being lit to a large extent it’s being squandered and were capable of so much more than even that some of the great things that we have done so much is being held back because many people are living in fear consciousness and many people think that the answer to everything lies in control and we have a totally controlled society is working harder and harder that the people at the higher echelons of it to dumb people down more and more and cut them off from the examination of that eternal mystery and yes it is a mystery that’s why different traditions have referred to as the mystery traditions and look at the word mystery nothing will be doing is what will be playing with something called green language green language is looking at a word in what it says phonetically the mystery is my story my story appeared in my store not just story which is his story whose store yet you are a male entity right the where Dominic consciousness the opposers consciousness that the oppositional cop consciousness and a dominator so history a Saints written by the winter break the winner likes the history why would say it’s written by the dominator and the model that we call history that is proposed as truth in our cultures is only a skewed interpretation of of events and factual evidence that of what actually occurred and what what I’m trying to help people to get to the understanding of is that the answer is within it does lie by examining the mystery of consciousness you so at an end part of this does involve the notion of truth like I’m I’m not of the opinion that there is no such thing as truth maybe one could never be home or know the totality of truth I’m not arguing that any individual to know the totality of truth in what I would refer to as the mind of God that is not why market I am arguing that we can come to an off of an accurate understanding of what is taking place both within us and around us to firmly and positively change the dynamic that we see playing out in our experience that is what the show is about preparing to move people towards higher levels of awareness and consciousness to help them understand the under lying causal factors that have brought us to this point in the game if we want to go to up of better shared reality we want to call. I agree with better shared reality my there yet are about to and I agree again the wonderful thing about humor is that we all believe our stories and it all and like independent and and a great philosopher named Selkirk that perhaps by hard-working visitors into the world you are probably the best roast for ever you say the one thing that I noise that I know nothing and you know I want to say it so a lot of things that I will say I deliver my consumer writable to give you the national seminars and use numbers that I know about you signal my time with your mental work for Thursday but for knowledge middle and again we get is a lot of things that God gives us or universe Jesus with them is to invest in order to more to go for pool for but if it will get caught the known story talking about mystery it is a Greek word that America took a lot of Greek words culturally quart ministerial mist just like history comes from the war story you you know all those great though the word India you write you know the strong do we know usually write the history but also through the loser if you look at the wars or videos between Greece and Turkey or the Americans against the common everybody has their own story of what happened after each bottle of ideas for each bottle all on the field of the battlefield over your so we all tend to look at the history in our own ways whenever you think you’re a victor sometimes the victim turned it against you in on it before I do believe that I do is to work with for work when you them into right now but we always would be writing up with things like the Yankees and Red Sox like Democrats and Republicans is going to be that these men would be a United Church of people mitigating loving kissing and working next to each other that is not what God wanted I don’t want to get up in a mirror in a neighborhood whenever they get up from the house and I don’t want to, but the radio show what everybody tells me you know I love you brother and teasing you all the time and I love you. I agree with it I don’t like people pretending that we got no brain you know we’re here to conversation through argument and agreement and back and forth post of species forward this move from moving on it all and I agree that we going to place a better understanding of what the mysteries of life but also you know it is going to be a diversity in the world didn’t want to have a diversity in the world you would have you know that’s why a lot of wards are made this way one house took back the other Howard street because they’re like the lifestyle that we didn’t leave order so I talking to Deborah Chopra and his wife the truck got attacked the church in different with supposed to be horny about God a lot of people attacked their Western medicine calling them wards lucky the Arctic in the same time he says not to be judgmental which makes him in a way idiotic because of I will I will make the statement on the show that we should be judgmental I think the discernment is what we need and again that the the thing that our modeling is that we can come into harmony can come into understanding of what is taking place and whether it serves our evolution in consciousness and moving it forward and expanding consciousness which is the force that I am referring to as love that’s what love is according to the model that I’m working with here and attempting to explain that as we come more into harmony with this unified way of seeing reality unified way of seeing ourselves together that really there is only one consciousness year it it doesn’t mean that it is true regarding their to meet the needs of your world government or a world legend I would totes stand in opposite total opposed info I would post those things completely because I think that’s that’s a a manifestation people’s desire to control other people and and make them force them to do what they want them to do and you be how they want them to be in the world but what I’m talking about is getting out of dualistic consciousness up on looking at it as us versus them as that that for me when someone else has the that doesn’t have to happen all manifest our desires here all come into a more unified way of seeing reality in ourselves and in human beings placed in reality okay and we don’t have to suffer according to the ways of that we have been doing things which is creating an enormous self inflicted levels of suffering the likes of which we’ve never seen before and it doesn’t need to be like this is what I’m saying and are of world world as of May 12 a lot of people are talking about regarding your right and ended it is a part of our great talking to us about God and and other part of our to the unity part of a world record with your brothers and sisters won’t work came from is a point that we are going to go back to the same point so we organ of criminality you know when you know you know I you on the other side is our fear in agreed and I usually go to degree the greatest good I like the differences between cultures three and fluent in between traditions that I don’t mind if you could probably your mother feels proud about your accomplishments your great speaker and you been some good work if your mother is proud about the other is a cannot look to vehicle pride and to I welcome I’m not going to suggest during the show that the ego needs to completely go away as New Jersey to serve as I know a lot of people do just that I thought I that’s what makes you different bedroom and two different but I have to Medicaid we have to Medicaid it in loving consciousness without becoming fanatics because you know what I know a lot of people that you know the pretrial way had one other church he grew the church included people from India you are to meditate on one hand on the other hand the people that died in the Islam simple retreats of the abuse that the poorest people in the world and what he had to talk about love harmony and then there is no more unjust nation than India the editor he ever cast is best this means that even your conceptual you make so much money on such a social project good identical people be undesirable I never heard of our nation calling people be undesirable and is aiming and that claim to be spiritual because the because of his mumbo-jumbo about the about unity come from that a lot of it is a system is definitely dualistic consciousness there is no question about it the what what what we have to get to is understanding that the ego is a school doesn’t need to go away it’s a school for us if it it’s how we express ourselves individual now that that the tool like a hammer needs to be picked up and used in the service of the individual and then laying down when it is no longer required to be used however what the ego has done is set itself up in the house of being of the and says I’m the real world this house now I’m not leaving here and I’m going to run things the way I want to run things that that’s the kind of ego that we need to get out of and understand the ego is simply a tool for the individual expression of our unique consciousnesses that we need to express uniquely but not get into the trap where the tool becomes the ruler of the house: thanks so much for your you every job keep it up thank you that’s the club another call of ailment go to another call and not if I have actually two more people are calling in so hopefully we can ride to show our own calls and the media next week I’ll start breaking down worldview let’s all go to the next caller got courier on Walmart is happening with Mark A was October Bob Thornton doing well. I just got done with taco Tuesday also I was that tobacco is great for the bit we wanted to the group of friends that host taco Tuesday over at the house and garden at and we get you some of the produce for tacos in the garden it’s a vegetarian day so all of the people there are forced the vegetarian and that because we try to practice what we preach and you know what we provided to you in a good way to let people in on the vegetarian diet by inviting him to dinner each week in return… That’s great and good vegetarian tacos and if domains are really well are absolutely delicious I actually just a habit of some great vegetarian tacos, throw club out there because I hate my show him what something if I want on ALLTEL you on a friend of mine this weekend on his name is Michael he brought up my girlfriend and and I to a vegetarian gourmet vegetarian restaurant in Philadelphia displaces call for row on Spring Garden Street between 10th and 11th and also you what nobody paid me to say to say this order will displace this is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten and that the food was just dynamic vibrant and energizing I could even believe how all that the chef is like was like an artist and he was he uses creating artwork that’s how good it was and I never say that about restaurants ever working on. Mark all vegetarian, somebody gets really like crazy into food you know seeks no real seats when it comes to food but this place was head and shoulders above any place else the and well that accurate not exactly were to take out to dinner when I find the Philadelphia market great and great you’ll really enjoy and you know I am on a strict vegetarian I don’t eat meat or fish on militant about it with other people what what I just basically talk about when I do talk about vegetarianism is that if we really want to see the suffering ended for human beings I think that needs to include all forms of life that’s why I made the decision to become a vegetarian in my own personal life so I think in general what we do with others is going to return to us and come back to I do believe in a low balance of karma or however you want to word it and I think that if if she humanity really wants to see human suffering ended and we we need to strive that all suffering for all beings of the be ended and that’s why don’t you me so you down on the amount of the you are not either and I am a vegetarian because it’s so gosh darn easy to be entered their summary delicious things that you can eat without having to as you say up with other being through suffering and end at the fact that animals are sentient beings try even though the most even the largest skeptics of the vegetarian landed on are privy to the fact that animals are sentient beings now mark what on earth is happening to you well and I don’t want talk radio truth be told radio will not be on blog talk but we will be on revolution so that you know thankfully they’re still going to carry our show what happened was market the Skype Unlimited calling plan weld where they basically told me that well not really unlimited it’s about six hours a day and I went over my I can dilute the switch for. Soft and I no biggie I I just have plenty of repeat that you know cool thing it will get to hear what on earth is happy tomorrow and the archive could your leg up to our archive anyway) we don’t care want to get something that the arm felt that being said market your your you’re free to go here right until the end up until the our point agreement will have to feel like sure one yet it’s good to hear you and then I figured I call up and let you know all was going on with our show tonight and you could keep going going on at it I imagine yet another course I want to take away from that but I don’t see anybody on this we all know it makes it looks like they hung up I thought it was only behind you but the best one on one at one of the I had something else vegetarianism but the slip my mind that’s okay but Bob I always are no thank you for all given a call in the not for everything you done helping me out and on all be listened to your show later on revolution broadcasting yet will be on Rosenberg to knock on the night and of course we were glad to have your show on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 9 check out they please RMR Bob tossed make you so much that particular all right so stop about five minutes left for the show I think I will just give a brief intro to Wellman to talk about next show on the last show we really got into polarity and the differences between the forces that the basic polarities of love and fear and we broken down and we talked about the internal manifestation of love which we call dominion or sovereignty talk about the internal manifestation of fear which we call confusion or opposition and talk about the X terminal expressions of both of those forces when love comes to a fruition a expansion in the external reality that we share we had freedom and when love is absence and fear for Safir rules the consciousness of people we get a condition called control people wanting to externally control our lives and the lives of others and that if check leads to something called slavery and I suggested were very deeply into that polarity of fear which is an illusion which does not really exist in true reality it is a forgetting of who we are it is complaining to things that do not really serve us and your and the more we engage in illusion farther were going from the truth the more we engage in truth the more we dispel illusion and fear so as a very brief introduction to what I’m talking about next show and really delving into am going to be talking about the schism in the worldviews that we hold the dichotomy between two basic worldviews one which is a very left brained imbalanced worldview and one which is a very right brained imbalanced worldview so this schism in our psyches and in our worldviews is what ultimately needs to heal by coming to a third an integral way of viewing the world and ourselves in it this third worldview which all the explaining next time is actually a combination of these other two polar worldviews it’s bringing them together one is the thesis one is the antithesis so there seeming polar opposites even though they both represent big levels of imbalance in the psyche and in the human brain but when we transcend that duality of these two worldviews there there is a third middle way that emerges that shows us the way out the way out all the software that we are seemingly trapped in so I think I’ll leave it there for now tune in next week Tuesday at 8 PM I am Mark Cassio and this has been what on earth is happening check out my website www.what on earth is thank you everyone good night